A List Of The Best CBD Hemp Flower Vendors

Searching for the best provider of hemp and CBD products? Whether you are looking for wholesale CBD hemp flower or CBD products for personal use, you’ll find plenty of vendors in the market. Let’s take an honest look at the most popular ones and analyze the pros and cons of each. 

Tweedle Farms

tweedle farms hemp flower review

Tweedle Farms is an Oregon-based hemp company that’s recently gained a lot of popularity in the CBD world. Founded by farmers Jason Evans and James Green, Tweedle Farms grows all of its high-CBD flowers on a 10-acre farm in Jewell. Although Tweedle Farms was created in 2016, it wasn’t until 2018 that this company started appearing on prominent Internet forums. Thanks to the newfound attention, Evans, and Green hope to invest in the farm’s irrigation system and build more indoor growing facilities to meet the increased demand.

On average, Tweedle Farms offers about eight different hemp strains at any given moment. Besides providing these high-CBD strains in flower form, Tweedle Farms also has many pre-rolls in its catalog. A few other items Tweedle Farms currently offers include CBD bath bombs, CBD capsules, hemp oil tinctures, CBD waxes, and CBD vaporizer fluids.

Many people who order from Tweedle Farms are interested in the company’s preroll packs. The most commonly used strains in these prerolls include Otto Franklin, Elektra, Kush, and Otto x Cherry #4. Tweedle Farms makes it convenient for people to purchase just one strain or try a sample pack of all the company’s flavors.

Tweedle Farms reviews

Online reviews for Tweedle Farms are mostly positive, and the company currently enjoys a high rating on TrustPilot. Many reviewers say they enjoy the flavor and taste of the company’s flowers and the professional, yet discreet, packaging.

Unlike companies like IHF that offer same-day shipping, Tweedle Farms requires a two day processing period before they send out their products. Also, although Tweedle Farms is licensed to grow in the state of Oregon, it has yet to publish its handler’s license. This means the company is technically not allowed to sell hemp across state lines.


Hemp Flower Naturals

hemp flower naturals vendor review

Headquartered in Asheville, NC, Hemp Flower Naturals puts a heavy focus on producing organic and sustainable CBD products. Working with farmers throughout Oregon, this company strives to deliver the highest quality hemp-derived products using only whole flower extraction. In keeping with their organic profile, Hemp Flower Naturals claims all of their products are tested by a third-party before being released to the public.

Hemp Flower Naturals now offers many CBD tinctures, CBD beauty balms, and CBD creams. The company also recently announced a new line of CBD vaporizer kits listed under the name “Calm.” These vaporizer cartridges range in strength from 400mg to 700mg.

The majority of Hemp Flower Naturals’ product line is dedicated to CBD tinctures that range in strength from 100mg to 5,000 mg. Although most of these tinctures are made with a proprietary herbal blend, there’s one available with a unique chocolate mint flavor.

Hemp Flower Naturals reviews

Hemp Flower Naturals is most praised for its commitment to organic farming and sustainable growing. Unfortunately, this core philosophy has also translated into significantly higher price tags for consumers.

One issue some people have with Hemp Flower Naturals is that many tinctures aren’t made with pure hemp. Although the company extracts its cannabinoids exclusively from whole flower hemp, they often add secondary ingredients like turmeric, coconut oil, and ginger. While some customers might enjoy these mixtures, CBD purists will have to look elsewhere for suitable products.


Cascadia Blooms

Cascadia Blooms hemp review

Located in Medford, Cascadia Blooms is another hemp startup in Oregon just beginning to cause a stir in the CBD industry. Created in 2017, this relatively small company focuses exclusively on growing high-CBD hemp buds. All of Cascadia Blooms’ products are organically grown and thoroughly screened for toxins and mold before being shipped to customers.

At the moment, Cascadia Blooms only offers premium hemp flower tops. These packages range in weight from half an ounce to an entire ounce and usually include a choice of about five different strains. There are possibilities to mix-and-match hemp strains, but most Cascadia Farms’ flowers are sold individually.

Currently, Cascadia Farms is most focused on producing cannabinoid-rich hemp flower tops. Some of the most popular strains now in this category include Special Sauce, Lifter, and Sour Space Candy.

Cascadia Blooms reviews

A few reviewers on Reddit have recently posted a few kind words about Cascadia Blooms. In addition to praising the quality of their flowers, Reddit users liked the tight vacuum-sealed packaging.

Of course, since Cascadia Blooms is a small startup, it doesn’t have as extensive a catalog as more established companies like IHF. Unless you’re looking for hemp flowers, you won’t find much on Cascadia Blooms’ website.


Wisconsin Hemp Flower

wisconsin hemp flower vendor review

In 2018, farmer Luke Heidt began cultivating the hemp strains Suver Haze and Lifter on his eastern Wisconsin farm. Today, Heidt operates the online retailer Wisconsin Hemp Flower to share his hemp-related goods with the world. According to Heidt, he is most concerned with growing organic, sustainable hemp free from harmful toxins, pesticides, and GMOs. Heidt is more interested in perfecting the quality of his chosen strains than increasing yield.

Since Wisconsin Hemp Flower is a smaller operation, its product list is relatively low. Customers will find, however, a one-ounce mix of Heidt’s freshest strains after harvest season. Heidt also offers powdered bubble concentrates, hemp capsules, shake homegrown flowers, auto flowers, and rosin concentrate.

The highlight of Wisconsin Hemp Flower’s catalog is probably its one-ounce mix of the most recent strains. In 2019, this packet included strain names like Lifter, Afternoon Delight, and Remission.

Customers looking for a more affordable option at Wisconsin Hemp Flower should look at the highly reviewed 1-gram ground & powdered bubble hemp concentrate. By the way, Wisconsin Hemp Flower also offers special 1-gram samples of select strains on occasion.

Wisconsin Hemp reviews

A few online reviewers have praised Wisconsin Hemp for its high-quality bubble hash and superb customer service. There’s also been a great deal of praise for Heidt’s rosin concentrate. Since Wisconsin Hemp is relatively small and new, however, there hasn’t been a great deal of info from the online community.


Little Flower Hemp Company

little hemp flower company review

Headquartered in Montrose, Little Flower Hemp is a growing Colorado hemp farm that offers a vast array of hemp goodies for humans and pets. Unlike many other hemp companies, the majority of Little Flower Hemp’s owners are women, which gives this company a unique product line. Indeed, many of Little Flower Hemp’s products are designed with female consumers in mind.

Little Flower Hemp Company splits its products into three categories: human, pets, and smokables. Most of the hemp-related products in the human category are related to skincare or beauty, but there are also a few oral tinctures for sale. For those with four-legged friends, Little Flower Hemp offers a pet-friendly CBD tincture, peanut butter dog treats, and an oral hygiene spray. Lastly, there are two smokable products available at Little Flower Hemp: prerolls and a rosin vape.

As just mentioned, the bulk of Little Flower Hemp’s products are related to beauty and skincare. These balms, bath crystals, and baby oils are also the most distinctive products on Little Flower Hemp’s catalog. People who are interested in edibles, however, will also find organic hemp honey and gummies in Little Flower Hemp’s catalog.

Little Flower Hemp Company reviews

Most of the reviews for Little Hemp Company online are from women who love the company’s creams and balms. For instance, one customer wrote, “AMAZING products – I am a huge fan! Love the way my skin is so juicy and healthy.”

The only con some people have with Little Hemp Company is they don’t have many options in their smokable category. People who want premium hemp flowers, isolate powder, or dabbing waxes will have to look elsewhere.


CBD Hemp Direct

CBD Hemp Direct is a Las Vegas-based company affiliated with the non-profit group CBD Saves. Ever since 2013, CBD Saves has been working hard to educate Nevadans on the potential of CBD as an alternative medicine. In addition to operating in Nevada, CBD Hemp Direct now has licenses to grow and manufacture high-CBD products across numerous US states. All of CBD Hemp Direct’s goods are made with 100 percent industrial hemp.

Customers will find dozens of fascinating high-CBD strains sold on CBD Hemp Direct’s website. On top of hemp flower canisters, CBD Hemp Direct offers the following goods: CBDHemp.Direct vendor review

One of CBD Hemp Direct’s unique offerings is a CBD lineup called Jazzy. Created by social media star Jasmin Cadavid, this unique strain has a pungent tropical flavor, a CBD count over 20 percent, and a strong, energetic effect. Other strains that have become popular in CBD Hemp Direct’s catalog include Sunset Road Sherbet, Casino Cookies, and Chardonnay #2.

CBD Hemp Direct reviews

CBD Hemp Direct enjoys an excellent rating on Trustpilot. Many customers praise the company’s fast shipping and premium CBD flowers. As one reviewer put it, “Hemp Direct has perfect shipping, perfect customer service, and excellent prices.”

Although most reviews are positive, more than one customer has complained about excessively dry hemp leaves.

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