Organic Nugs CBD Hemp Flower Vendor Review

It’s no secret — you can find hemp flower anywhere these days. But even then, you can’t find good hemp flower just anywhere. With so many vendors vying for a spot on the top, there’s an endless selection when it comes to CBD hemp flower sellers. And that’s why it’s so hard to make a choice — how can you be sure you’re buying real, premium hemp flower?

Well, Organic CBD Nugs tries to make the process a little easier. Dedicated to offering what they call the ‘highest quality CBD products’, this brand boasts a wide array of hemp flower choices to cater to every discriminating taste. And because they sell a bunch of other hemp-derived products alongside their flower, you can get all of your CBD needs under one virtual roof.


Organic CBD Nugs


Organic CBD Nugs Reviews

Despite their ambiguous name that you would assume wouldn’t put out any relevant search results on Google, Organic CBD Nugs actually turns up quite a lot of resources online. Most of them can be found on Reddit where users explore the intricacies of the brand in striking detail.

One prominent thread about Organic CBD Nugs talks about the brand’s source for hemp flower, which was identified as Pure Hemp Farms. One user claimed that a previous purchase from the brand delivered lackluster product that smelled of chemicals, pointing out that buyers could do much better considering the price point.

An even more controversial thread looked into the certificate of analysis posted on the brand’s website. A user was quick to notice that the COA looked as though it was altered, and a phonecall to the lab that issued the report proved that it was, in fact, doctored and the information was false.

The incident happened in 2019 which is fairly recent. And because of it, hemp veterans and enthusiasts are strongly recommending against buying from the Organic CBD Nugs brand out of fear that they might be selling dangerous product that doesn’t meet guidelines on hemp chemistry.


Organic CBD Nugs Product Line-Up

The main item on the Organic CBD Nugs website would be none other than their flower. Their selection of hemp flower strains is modest, to say the least, with at least seven different choices available at a time. These include:

Their package sizes start at an eight of an ounce, working all the way up to half a pound of hemp flower. They also sell sampler packs that offer six different strains to help you choose your next staple.

Pre-rolls are also pretty big on the Organic CBD Nugs selection, but they have slightly more choices if you’re looking to get your hands on a different strain. So aside from all the options you’ll find under their hemp flower category, you’ll also find picks like Fruity Pebbles, Hawaiian Haze, and Sour Diesel. Again, they also offer a sampler pack for their pre-rolls.

If you’re feeling a little experimentative and you want to try something new, the Organic CBD Nugs brand is one of the first few companies to jump on the Delta-8 THC bandwagon. They have at least three strains that are said to contain high levels of delta-8, letting you experience the chemical compound’s controversial effects.

Aside from all of that, the brand also sells a selection of tinctures that contain Full Spectrum hemp extract. They offer the blend in strengths of 1200mg or 3000mg, perfect for users who have a slightly higher threshold for CBD oils.

There are quite a lot of other products on their line-up, including edibles, vape cartridges, CBG flower, and concentrates. With all of that, the brand fancies itself as a one-stop-shop for hemp flower enthusiasts who want to get their hands on all the essentials and a few luxuries without having to shop at different online storefronts.


Organic CBD Nugs Hemp Flower


Organic CBD Nugs Pricing and Coupon Codes

In all fairness, Organic CBD Nugs’ products aren’t overpriced. Their oils for example sell for just $99 for the 3000mg blend, which places a milligram of CBD at just $0.033 each. That’s pretty close to the industry low which is about $0.02 per milligram. Their premium flower is also relatively affordable, starting at just $9.99 for an eighth or $549.99 for a half a pound of flower.

And while their prices are already pretty fair, the brand also employs a bunch of ways to help their buyers save on their purchase. They have a 10% off introductory discount for those who subscribe to their newsletter, and they offer free shipping on orders $75 or more.

Unfortunately however, the brand doesn’t accept returns or refunds unless they made an error during shipout or they accidentally sent a defective item. Unless your order falls within either of these two categories, then all sales are final. Even then, their product is pretty cheap, so you might not feel too bad in case it doesn’t meet expectations.


The Verdict on Organic CBD Nugs

Their selection of products can entice even the most experienced hemp veterans, offering an interesting array of choices that explores all the trendiest hemp-derived compounds of our day and age. But a word of caution – Organic CBD Nugs has been found to alter their COAs, so you might want to think twice before you make that purchase.

Then again, if you’re caught in a bind and you really need to get your hands on affordable hemp product, then their selection might just do the trick. Just make sure you do research, call up the lab, and scout all your options to make sure you’re getting the best product for your penny.


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