Empire Wellness CBD Hemp Flower Vendor Review

Using Colorado grown hemp flower, Empire Wellness focuses on using state-of-the-art technology to bring you premium CBD hemp flower in a range of forms. The company uses very strict quality control protocol, working closely with chemists, farmers, doctors, and technicians to develop nothing short of the finest CBD products they can produce.

Presently, the brand focuses on using 99% pure cannabidiol concentrate in their products. The concentrate itself is extracted from their own hemp farms where they grow top-tier hemp flower strains in the best possible conditions for maximum returns and quality. They provide their wares for both retail and wholesale.

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Top Products from Empire Wellness

Empire Wellness offers raw CBD hemp flower in a limited number of strains. These are carefully and thoughtfully grown in their own farm, thus the modest selection. But even with the limited number of choices, they have become quite popular among buyers. Their best sellers are the Frost Bite and Green Gum strains that are some of the best of their kind. The Narnia strain – a brand-new, deep purple cultivar – has also gained traction as a popular pick from their line-up.

Aside from their strains, their crystal CBD isolate is also worth a try. Versatile and potent, their crystals work wonders to help relieve a spectrum of nuances from mind to body. Other noteworthy products include their live resin wax, CBD oil, gummy candies, and relaxation syrup that all use 99% pure CBD.


What People Are Saying

Empire Wellness CBD Oil

The one thing that most buyers truly appreciate about Empire Wellness’s offers is that the power of CBD truly shines through. All too often, you’ll stumble upon CBD products that promise strong effects but fall short of expectations. But Empire Wellness follows through on their claims, providing exceptional results even with the smallest amount of their products.

Aside from their CBD hemp products, Empire Wellness has also gained quite a positive reputation for their exceptional customer service. Highly responsive, reliable, and approachable, their customer service representatives truly demonstrate care towards their buyers – whether is before or after the sale.


Empire Wellness Discounts and Coupons

Because Empire Wellness offers most of their products at incredibly affordable prices, they’re not inclined to provide too many discount offers and coupons. Nonetheless, people who want to save on their products may get discounts by purchasing wholesale. Keep in mind however that Empire Wellness carefully selects wholesalers, so you can’t just avail of the discounted prices for personal consumption. Even then, if you have plans of retailing the products yourself, their wholesale offer can be a great way to earn a fat profit.


Empire Wellness Legal Compliance

Empire Wellness Hemp Flower

So, does Empire Wellness follow government laws and regulations? Absolutely. The brand’s products are legal in all 50 states, and are made from premium industrial hemp that complies with the Farm Act. With a content of 99% CBD, their products are guaranteed to contain the prescribed 0.3% THC or less, ensuring absolutely no psychoactive effects.

Safe and compliant, the products from Empire Wellness do not claim to treat or cure any illnesses, diseases, or conditions. The brand also urges all buyers to make sure they consult their doctor before incorporating new supplements such as CBD into their daily health regimen.


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