Oak City CBD Hemp Flower Vendor Review

There are way too many hemp vendors on the market these days that it’s tough to keep track of each one. And since they all employ stellar marketing strategies, it’s even tougher to weed out the good choices from the bad ones. So it really helps to read into resources and do your research before you make a decision.

And that’s probably why you’re here. Oak City Hemp claims to be one of the best hemp flower vendors in the state of North Carolina. Catering to everyone from distributors and resellers to end-users, Oak City Hemp proudly grows their own hemp flower to ensure the best quality.


Oak City CBD Hemp


Oak City Hemp Flower Reviews

While they’ve been around for about 5 years, there isn’t a lot of information about Oak City Hemp online. There is a mention of the brand on a Reddit thread, with one user claiming that they were thoroughly impressed by the quality of the company’s flower.

On their website, the brand doesn’t have a space for buyers to leave reviews which might be a major red flag for those who perform their fair share of due diligence. On Facebook, the reviews for Oak City Hemp are scarce. With just 19 reviews on their Page (all of which share nothing but positive vibrations), it’s hard to fully trust in the feedback available.

Even then, there is an upside to the obvious lack of reviews. Most buyers with a bad experience wouldn’t shy away from the opportunity to leave negative feedback about the brand and their products. And because Oak City Hemp doesn’t get reviews from disgruntled, unhappy buyers on any of these platforms, we can assume they’ve satisfied most of their patrons to date.


Oak City Hemp Flower Product Line-Up

Since they grow their own hemp flower, the brand’s main product is just that — hemp flower. As of writing, there are only about 4 choices on their website, including Boax, Special Sauce, Sour Space Candy, and T-3 Hemp Stroke. They also sell what they call OCH Tea, as well as a bunch of pre-rolls using the same herb in their line-up.

Keep in mind that the brand’s range of flower strains changes with seasons, especially when they manage to cultivate and harvest new choices. Other than their flower, they also offer topicals and tinctures, with their full-spectrum oil coming in close second to their flower in terms of popularity.

Strengths for their oils start at 250mg, and increase up to 1800mg for a single 30mL bottle. They also have a full spectrum roll-on and balm, in case you’re interested in fast acting, temporary relief for minor aches and discomfort.

If you’re neither a fan of flower or tinctures, then you might enjoy the brand’s range of vape products and concentrates. They sell kief, hemp isolate, and delta-8 hemp extract cartridges to give you a modest selection for your vaping needs.

Other than all of their products, the brand advertises that they also provide a bunch of services for other businesses. According to their about us page, the company offers hemp farming consultation, hemp farming and harvesting skilled labor, wholesale distribution partnerships, white label product development, and event collaboration.


Oak City Hemp Flower Pricing and Coupon Codes

Just like any other hemp flower vendor, their strains change prices depending on the rarity and chemistry of the variety. In general though, an eighth of their herb starts between $25 and $30, increasing up to $100 for a whole ounce. Some strains like Boax can sell for as low as $80 for an ounce.

If you’re more of an oil kind of person, then you can get your hands on their Oak City Hemp tincture for $40 at 250mg, or $120 for 1800mg. Compared to other vendors, they’re definitely not the cheapest. But at around $0.06 per milligram, their oils definitely aren’t outside the bounds of budget blends.

Buyers who enjoy the thrill of getting a bunch of discounts and price cuts on their order might not find Oak City Hemp to be too fulfilling. The brand isn’t big on discounts, but they will hold the occasional sale especially if it’s in season. They’re also quite active on their socials where you should get the latest information on their discount offers, promotions, and other price cuts.


Oak City CBD Hemp Flower


The Verdict on Oak City Hemp Flower

Oak City Hemp Flower is your all around hemp business, catering to both end-users and hemp vendors. Knowing that they cultivate, harvest, and process their own products might add a tinge of appeal to their product line-up, but the lack of reliable reviews might make it a little tough to make a decision. Nonetheless, they do have some pretty low prices. So if you decide to make that purchase and they don’t meet expectations, you can find comfort in the fact that you didn’t have to pay too much to give their stuff a try.


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