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Happy Budz Hemp Co. Review

Happy Budz Hemp Co. or simply called Happy Budz is a hemp brand that’s dedicated to bringing quality hemp to its buyers at affordable prices. With emphasis on creating a culture of friendship among ‘budz’, Happy Budz brings its market not only hemp products, but lots of other programs that aim to uplift and assist friends and buyers in need.

Although you might say their line-up isn’t quite as varied as the other retailers in the business, Happy Budz makes up for it with their extensive list of promotional offers, discounts, and loyalty programs that help make the shopping experience more fruitful for those who frequently find themselves in need of hemp.


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About Happy Budz

Happy Budz was the brainchild of a group of friends who didn’t really have much to do with the hemp industry. Upon their first toke of the plant, they were instantly reformed, attaining a deep desire to make the hemp herb available to all. They soon established Happy Budz through which they hoped to reach the multitudes of people with quality hemp products at affordable prices.

The brand sources their raw material from trusted hemp farmers in the United States. To guarantee the quality of their product, Happy Budz meticulously hand-picks its partners, choosing only those with enough experience and passion for hemp farming. Another aspect of their selection process is pricing. By partnering with cultivators that offer reasonable wholesale costs, Happy Budz has the leverage to offer their products at competitive price points.


The Happy Budz Product Line-Up

As of writing, Happy Budz has about 8 hemp strains under its belt. These are their main products, offering their consumers affordable hemp flower that doesn’t skimp on quality. Their choices range in prices from $5 per gram to $7.5 per gram depending on the quality of the strain’s chemistry. On sale, Happy Budz can slash prices down to as little as $3.9 per gram.

Some of their bestsellers include Lifter, Cherry Wine, Hawaiian Haze, and T1 x Berry Blossom. For those who aren’t entirely sure what they want, Happy Budz delivers Flower Sample Packs that contain five different strains at 1 gram or 3.5 grams each. The 1 gram pack retails at $25, while the 17.5 gram pack clocks in at $65.

Other than their hemp flower choices, Happy Budz offers premium pre-rolls in singles or in packs. Pre-rolls are available in various strains with each pre-roll retailing for $6. Buying in bulk however can save you some green. Their sampler pack comes at just $30 for 6 pre-rolls, while their party package retails for $85 for 3 pre-rolls per strain, coming to a total of 24 sticks.

Lastly, Happy Budz offers smalls in their product line-up, which are essentially mini nugs that come at a lower cost per unit weight compared to their hemp flower counterparts. Fourteen grams of smalls retail for just $40, while their 28 gram variant comes in at $65.


Website Layout and User Interface

happy budzHappy Budz definitely has its website in check. Their neat, organized layout is free from clutter, making it easy to navigate and find exactly what you’re looking for. The homepage includes a product spotlight that gives you information of one of their available strains, and then a gallery of featured products to help you see what they offer at a glance. Scroll a little further down and you’ll find verified buyer reviews to help guide your search.

Close to the bottom of the page, updated posts from their Instagram page are neatly organized in a grid. Their Shop can be accessed through their menu bar, which takes you to their complete product line-up. Unfortunately, all of the different products are lumped together in a single page with no option to filter the results. Nonetheless, the product line-up isn’t too overwhelming, so there’s no need to browse through pages of products to find what you need.

Lab reports for all of the different strains they offer can be found on a separate page. While it would have been nice to see some chemistry information on the individual product pages themselves, the lab reports page does give a comprehensive look into the chemistry of their available picks.


Discounts and Coupons for Happy Budz

Here’s how Happy Budz gets its patronage – through its discount offers and promos. The brand works hard to retain the buyers that it already has as part of its commitment to creating that ‘budz’ culture. So, they use quite a number of retention strategies that focus on keeping you updated on their latest offers and promotions.

Their VIP Text Club delivers the hottest discounts and sale offers straight to your mobile phone. They also send exclusive voucher codes to members of their club, helping you save on your next purchase by staying in the loop. Of course, they also have a newsletter that sends promotional emails straight to your inbox.

Orders that reach $70 and above will be exempted from shipping fees and they also provide special discounts for military personnel and first responders. On occasion, the company hosts giveaways where participants stand the chance to win free products by joining and following the mechanics. The giveaway information can be found at the bottom of the page listed along with other menu options.

Finally, Happy Budz also utilizes a rewards program that earns you points every time you purchase their products. Every $1 spent towards any Happy Budz product earns you 5 points in their rewards system. Every 100 points is equivalent to $1, and may be used towards future purchases. And to make things even more exciting, the brand offers a referral reward. Every new buyer you refer to the brand gets a $10 off voucher on their order, and you in return get the same discount.


Shipping and Returns and Happy Budz

Much like most other hemp retailers, Happy Budz uses USPS as their main delivery service. The brand requires as many as 2 working days to process and ship all orders. They don’t specify a time frame for order completion, but you should be able to contact USPS to find out the status of your order.

Returns and refunds are applicable only on unused, sealed products in their original packaging. It’s required that you send back the item for inspection to be qualified for an exchange or a refund. Only defective, damaged items will be qualified for exchanges. On the other hand, their 30-day no-questions-asked guarantee will refund your item as long as it’s in proper condition. Sale items are not eligible for returns, exchanges, or refunds.


Should You Buy from Happy Budz?

happy budzSure, the Happy Budz selection might seem a little scarce, but their competitive prices and quality product makes up for the lack. On top of that, browsing through their website can be pretty pleasant thanks to their neat layout and clean design. If there’s anything that might irk a shopper, its their jumbled product list that doesn’t offer any way to filter results.

Even then, buyers who often find themselves having to buy hemp might find Happy Budz’s loyalty programs a rewarding way to earn back what you spend. And for those looking for a hemp brand that gives back, the Happy Budz brand also offers the opportunity to help a hemp-head in need with their Give Back program.



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