Fields of Hemp Vendor Review

The humble Fields of Hemp brand is a small, family-owned operation based in South Oregon. They offer a range of hemp cultivars as well as a few edibles that make up their modest product line-up. Boasting organic, all-natural growing and manufacturing processes, Fields of Hemp promises its buyers the safest CBD hemp flowers that are as close to nature as possible.

Every harvest from the Fields of Hemp farms is brought to the Department of Agriculture or to one of the many Oregon Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program offices where the strains are tested and approved for quality and compliance. That said, you can be certain that every package the FOH brand ships meets the highest quality standards.

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Top Products from Fields of Hemp

Presently, the brand focuses on cultivating just less than ten premium strains that are essentially their bread and butter. But among the CBD hemp flower choices available through their store, their Elektra strain takes center stage. Potent and effective, the cultivar is consistent across batches, making it a favorite among long term users.

Another great choice is their Grumpy Grandpa. The gentle effects of the powerful strain can be uplifting yet relaxing, giving you an impressively pleasant experience that transcends both day and night.

For those who want more variety, their sampler lets you take home their strains in smaller amounts, letting you test out which one works best to meet your standards and preferences. They also sell bath bombs infused with CBD to give your everyday bath a little more oomph.


What People Are Saying

So what do buyers love the most about the brand? Their hands-on effort in managing and ensuring quality definitely shines through. All of their strains deliver the promised effects, and although there might be slight differences across batches, the changes are significant enough to cause displeasure.

With CBD concentrations of up to 24% with a minimum of 14.9%, there’s really no way you can go wrong with the Fields of Hemp cultivars if you’re looking for powerful CBD effects. And surely enough, that does shine through with the influx of positive reviews they frequently receive from verified buyers.

Lifter Hemp Flower of Fields of Hemp


Fields of Hemp Discounts and Coupons

Fields of Hemp – despite being a small, family-owned operation, is actually pretty generous when it comes to discounts. In fact, they even offer discounts of up to 20% on orders $45 USD and above, giving you sweet savings on their premium strains. Some exclusions to apply, but most of their cultivars are part of the promo.

Most often, Fields of Hemp promotes their discounts and offers through their website. These typically change with the seasons, as well as with the fluctuations in their inventory. Check back regularly to stay updated on their latest offers.


Fields of Hemp Legal Compliance

The Fields of Hemp product-line up complies with all legal guidelines and measures, ensuring the safety of their products and zero psychoactive effects. All strains are guaranteed to fall below the 0.3% THC threshold, and undergo strict testing to ascertain quality. The brand also offers different reports for each strain available for viewing on each product listing page so you know exactly what’s in a strain before you make that purchase.


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