Green Monkey CBD Hemp Flower Vendor Review

As one of the smaller up-and-coming brands on the CBD market, Green Monkey Farms is off to a humble start. The simple, small-sized enterprise sells a variety of CBD hemp flower strains, oils, tinctures, and gummy candies that have won the good graces of a small yet passionate group of patrons.

Although their cultivar varieties are presently limited, Green Monkey Farms does make up for it with quality. Their flavorful, powerful strains don’t disappoint in either taste or impact, giving you well over your money’s worth with each purchase.


Green Monkey Farms Logo


Top Products from Green Monkey Farms

Green Monkey Farms has expanded their products quite rapidly over recent months. Today, their best-selling offers include their tinctures which come in a range of fun, fruity, powerful flavors that are laced with the potent effects of CBD. Their premier tincture is their lemon flavored variant which blends exceptionally well with the undertones of hemp flower. The mint flavor comes in at a close second, offering a sense of sinus clarity with each use.

Their pre-rolls are also pretty popular among their consumers. Among their best-selling variations include the Elektra, Special Sauce, and Lifter which all bring impressive effects enveloped in distinct flavors that are trip in their own right.


What People Are Saying

There’s just something about a humble start-up that draws in the patrons. For the Green Monkey Farms brand, that remains to be true. The small-sized business enjoys a thriving base of consumers that are ready to patronize whatever the brand comes up with.

What buyers especially appreciate about the brand is how personal they can be when it comes to transactions. When you purchase, you’re essentially speaking with one of the owners. And because of their dedication to satisfy their buyers, they make sure that you get the best value for your money every time you decide to make a purchase.

Green Monkey Farms Discounts and Coupons

Because of the company’s size, they’ve yet to bake in any discount offers and coupons into their system. So as they grow, you might expect to find more promotional offers through their website. The brand does however host seasonal sales that you can catch wind of by visiting their social media pages where they’re most active. Their Instagram is particularly rich with information on the latest updates, definitely warranting a follow if you want to snag a discount.


Green Monkey Farms Legal Compliance

All of the products sold on the Green Monkey Farms online store are carefully grown in their own private facility, following the standards set forth by the 2014 Farm Act. Their humble operations are small, making it easier to manage their products and ensure their quality for the safety of their buyers.

As part of the standard, they also send over batches of their harvests to third party testing laboratories where they are scrutinized for both quality and legal compliance. Only batches that meet the THC level restriction of 0.3% THC or less are allowed for sale, which is why you can be certain that all of the products on their list are compliant with legal standards across all 50 states.


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