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Beleafer CBD Hemp Flower Vendor Review

Beleafer is a niche hemp brand that offers a tight variety of products with a primary focus on quality. With just two product categories, you might say that Beleafer has a narrow selection. But as you scan through their hemp flower and hemp powder picks, it’s easy to see that they make up for the lack of product variety with cultivar selection. Their wide range of hemp strains was developed to appeal to the hemp connoisseurs, touting quality that’s allegedly deserving of a spot on the top-shelf.

Minimalist, modern, and focused, the Beleafer brand makes it their goal to offer buyers reasonably priced products that don’t skimp out on quality. But is the brand really everything it’s chalked up to be? Find out here.


beleafer review


About the Beleafer Brand

Beleafer started out a small start-up brand, selling products for retail directly through the Facebook platform. Initially, the brand broke into the scene as a kratom specialist, offering their products to buyers through email, Facebook messenger, and other informal social media channels. But after the government cracked down on kratom – making it illegal in 6 states – the Beleafer brand has moved on to greener pastures.

Presently, not a lot is known about Beleafer. But what is known is that they’re one of the main brands under the Benni Botanicals catalogue. Being one of the most prominent hemp emporiums on the web, Benni Botanicals is hailed for their meticulous selection process that weeds out poor quality products to bring buyers an extensive selection of premium choice hemp flower and formulations.


Beleafer Product Line-Up

As of writing, Beleafer has 35 products in its line-up, distributed into two different categories. The brand maintains its focus on hemp flower and the less common leaf powder. Their hemp flower choices include 18 unique strains, bringing you a wealth of options to meet your preferences and needs. On average, their cultivars have CBD concentrations that average 22%, with some touting CBD content as high as 27.3%.

beleafer review

Naturally, strains with much higher CBD content come at higher prices. A gram of their hemp flower will typically cost anywhere from $7 to $9. Smalls are also available for a slightly lower price. Their more expensive flowers are those with high CBG content. White CBG for example, starts at $10 per gram.

Their leaf powder products are sourced all the way from Borneo. Simply put, their leaf powder products are exactly the products they used to sell way back when they were starting out on Facebook. But of course, with the turn of the tides, Beleafer finds itself conforming to the regulations that oversee the sale of these products, thus the changed monicker. Nonetheless, they pack the same raw material used in the brand’s original bread and butter.

Leaf powder products are available in 35 different varieties, and are sold based on weight. For those hoping to buy leaf flower in smaller quantities, the brand also offers hemp flower samplers. Their bundles are available in 2 strain, 4 strain, or 8 strain variants.


Website Layout and User Interface

Beleafer’s humble beginnings have paved the way for exponential growth. What was once a humble social media entity peddling products to anyone who passed by, Beleafer is now a trusted brand that finds itself in the shelves of well-known retailers like Benni Botanicals. Their website speaks volumes about the quality of hemp they offer and is actually one of the more pleasant aspects of dealing with the brand.

Their minimalist website gives you all the necessary information at a glance. The clean lines and light colors are pleasing to the eyes, and gives the brand an identity of reliability and authenticity. Their homepage is impressively uncluttered, and scrolling through brings you to two options – either visit their shop or reach out to them through their contact page.

The shop itself is also neat and organized. Clicking the product categories brings you to a list of product options available in the chosen sub-group, making it easy to scan through choices. Each individual product page provides in-depth information on the item in question, and delivers the essential details from the lab test results.

To find out what others are saying, Beleafer has a dedicated page for reviews. This can be found along the menu bar, and it contains a wealth of information on their products that you can use to guide your buyer decisions as you browse.


Discounts and Coupons for Beleafer

The topmost part of the website’s homepage is where you’ll find their latest discount offers. All year round, first time buyers can avail of the ‘new Beleafer’ promo code that gives 10% off on a first-time purchase. For discounted items, they label sale products under their catalogue, although you will have to browse through to find the ones that are currently marked down.

As any other hemp products brand, the Beleafer company also encourages buyers to sign up for their newsletter for discount offers and other promotional and sale events. For those who want to stay updated on Beleafer news straight from the owners, they do have an Instagram account, albeit not entirely active. Their original Facebook page, through which the brand originally conducted their business, is no longer operational and seems to have been lost in the annals of the social media service.


Shipping and Returns at Beleafer

Beleafer has yet to incorporate an e-payment system into their website, so all payments are processed manually. They accept payments from Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, Google Play, Bitcoin, credit or debit cards (with an added 3% fee), and money orders. They might also accept other payment channels upon request. Once your order is received, they’ll send you a payment request through your chosen payment gateway.

If the payment is issued and received on or before 5PM EST, the company guarantees that your products will be prepared and shipped out in 1-2 business days. Payments made after the cut-off are considered moved to the next business day. All orders are shipped out through USPS in sealed, protected bags and boxes as necessary.

One big drawback that Beleafer imposes on its buyers is that all purchases are final. Unlike other brands that offer a 100% cashback guarantee, Beleafer doesn’t accept returns, refunds, or exchanges due to the nature of their product. So, it might be important on your part to perform due diligence before you finalize your purchase.


beleafer review

Should You Buy from Beleafer?

Leaf powder is a rare item on the market today, and for Beleafer to be able to offer the product while meeting legal requirements is definitely a feat. Other than that, their extensive wealth of choices for hemp flower make them a formidable name in the market especially for those in search of variety under one roof.

While it would have been nice to know the origins of the brand and their products, many buyer reviews vouch for their authenticity and quality. Maybe some improvements to the company’s overall purchase process might benefit them in favor of profitable consumer action. For one thing, the manual payment process can be a pain. And because there’s no opportunity to return, refund, or exchange a purchased item, it may be a gamble for some buyers who want the comfort of payment protection. Nonetheless, if you’re willing to take the leap, Beleafer’s wide spread and top-shelf quality might just make a Beleafer out of you.


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