Hemp Best Cannabis Flower Review

More and more common these days are hemp emporiums that offer a range of products from various brands all under one online store. The same goes for Hemp Best – a well-known hemp brand that brings a wide spread of product choices from various names in the hemp market. At the same time, Hemp Best also offers their own unique formulations and products taken from raw materials grown on their own family farm.

With a name like Hemp Best, it’s hard not to take a second to consider taking that leap of faith and making a purchase. But the question stands – should you shell your cash on Hemp Best? Here’s everything you need to know.


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About Hemp Best

Hemp Best is owned and run by a couple by the names of Tobias and Jyl. These men started out growing hemp way before it was legal, and soon established themselves in the medical marijuana market. Their objective was to meet the needs of medical marijuana users with premium, all-natural products that put their wellness front and center. After years of experience, they soon wiggled their way into the hemp market after recent changes to US law enabled farmers to finally cultivate industrial hemp.

Their family owned farm is nestled in Oregon, and that’s where they grow organic hemp that’s cared for and cultivated with strict attention to detail. Their business minimizes the use of automatic, mechanical processing methods that might dampen the quality of hemp, pushing them to utilize the tender loving care of human hands for the drying, trimming, and curing process which are all vital to the quality of the end product.


Products at Hemp Best

Hemp Best’s product list includes a bunch of other brands, some of which are prominent players in the hemp industry. These include names like Mary’s Nutritionals, Higher Standards, Magical Butter, and Bruni Glass, just to name a few. But even then, Hemp Best wiggles a few of its own products into the mix, the most noteworthy of which would be their flower.

The brand draws in consumer with their ultra low prices that make hemp products widely available to all sorts of buyers. Their Bargain Bud for example comes at the modest price of just $2.5 per gram, making it just half or even less the price of the average hemp flower you’ll find. Other picks come at the standard price of about $13 per gram, depending on the chemistry of the plant itself. Some of their bestselling variants include Lifter, Pine Berry, and Special Sauce.

Those in search of a real bargain might find what they’re looking for through the brand’s trim and smalls selection. Coming at a fraction of the price of the full flowers, these choices are designed to cater to those who need bulk hemp but don’t necessarily want to spend the full price on flower.


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Website Layout and User Interface

Hemp Best’s website isn’t the best, but it isn’t the worst either. If anything, it just lacks that tinge of decorative appeal to upgrade its overall look. But if we’re being technical, it does get the job done. The simplified, utilitarian aesthetic might not click with everyone, but the website still isn’t confusing or cluttered. Its homepage showcases some of its best, featured products and new arrivals, doing away with the bells and whistles to bring visitors what they want.

Visiting their shop brings you to a selection of products across a wide range of categories. And while it isn’t exactly a challenge to find what you’re looking for, the website’s product pages could use some improvement. If anything, the information given for each unique hemp flower strain can be a mouthful, not to mention the difficulty of reading through the lab results that are listed at the bottom of the product page.

Nonetheless, the website is complete, offering you all the information you need about the brand, their products, and their policies so you can make that purchase with full confidence.


Discounts and Coupons on Hemp Best

One of the easiest ways to get a price cut on your purchase would be to spend at least $35 on their products. All purchases that reach this threshold are instantly exempted from shipping fees. If your order totals more than $55, you get a free CBD hemp palm wrap on top of the waived fees. Aside from their free shipping promo, Hemp Best also regularly puts many of their products on sale. Scanning through their selection can help you find a marked down deal, but because there isn’t a sale tab, you might have to make the search manually.

Two other ways to catch wind of any upcoming sales and discount offers would be to sign up for their newsletter and to follow their social medial pages. Just like most other CBD hemp retailers, Hemp Best makes sure to update their followers with discount information to drive profitable consumer action. The info tab on their website also has a separate section for coupons and vouchers where you can find relevant information to spend less on your next purchase.


Shipping and Returns at Hemp Best

Hemp Best pays particular attention to your privacy. That said, the brand takes particular care in packaging and shipping your orders in the most discreet way possible. All orders placed on weekdays are processed within 24 hours, but depending on the bulk of orders, the company may take up to 48 hours to prepare your parcel and ship it out. Orders may reach your address within 3-5 days from shipment, but that ultimately depends on USPS. Their shipping page gives a detailed breakdown of the shipping process for buyers who might be wondering how the process occurs.

When it comes to refunds and returns, the company does try its best to accommodate all of the requests that pour in through their Contact Page. They don’t specific any policies that are set in stone aside from the fact that the sale of flowers, edibles, and pre-rolls are all final. For all other products, the brand may be able to make special considerations. Make sure you try to reach out to them with your concerns to get prompt attention.


Should You Buy From Hemp Best?

hemp bestThat depends on what you need and what you’re looking for. Hemp Best offers a range of choices that can help you get everything you need without having to buy from various hemp retailers. Their own products are relatively affordable, making them easy on the pockets of buyers of all socioeconomic levels. Then again, the sheer number of choices can make searching and finding specific products a bit of a chore.

Some other things worth considering is the fact that the company doesn’t offer a guarantee on products like flowers, edibles, and pre-rolls. Unfortunately, there are other brands out there that can offer protection for all sorts of products, including these that Hemp Best doesn’t cover. Nonetheless, if you were hoping to try out something new and you’re not really concerned over the lack of a satisfaction guarantee, then their affordable products and extensive selection might be what you’re looking for.


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