High Alpine Genetics Vendor Review

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High Alpine Genetics review

High Alpine Genetics strives to provide the best organically grown feminized hemp seed on the market. They believe that trust requires mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships. Their commitment is to give reassurance that means something. It’s all too common in today’s world that promises are empty, so they ensure that their product is top quality. The homepage for High Alpine shows certificates that approve their product for sale and distribution under Colorado’s industrial hemp regulatory act. Transparency, quality, and trust are three foundational principles of High Alpine Genetics.

Top Products from High Alpine Genetics

High Alpine Genetics has a huge selection of high-potency CBD products for any type of use at any time of the day or night. They offer three strands of beautiful flowers. The pink panther is a beautiful grow that is dark green and purple, and the trichomes cover the full blossoms of the flower. They trim the flower to perfection with love and care to produce high-quality, easy-to-smoke flowers that will uplift your mind and body. The Shaolin Gleaux offers a long stem with full flowers that have outstanding medicinal value. The high terpene levels consist of myrcene, terpinolene, and limonene, making this one of the best flowers on the market.

High Alpine tinctures are the best you can find and produce using organically grown CBD plants. The high quality and strong CBD content make their tinctures perfect for stiffness and pain relief. With continued use, you will experience an overall improved sense of wellbeing.

High Alpine shows its dedication to sharing the value of CBD by offering hemp seeds for a range of products. On top of providing the seeds to customers who want to grow strains of their stellar flower, they offer all the guidance you need to cultivate your flower. They outline the process of choosing soil, pots, water filters, and how to adjust pH levels to grow the perfect bud. The growing guide gives us insight into the high-quality process that High Alpine uses to produce its beautiful product.

What People Are Saying

In THC Farmer forums, customers are growing the seeds that High Alpine Genetics offers. The flowers are tall and produce a beautiful green color. The smell of the flower and buds made by green lightning seeds are tall and growing beautifully. The light spicy fragrance they have is lovely, and farmers note that the smell is aromatic. They love getting a slight whiff when they water them.

Growers are falling in love with the high germination rate of the seeds offered by High Alpine. Some growers are experiencing 100% germination from the seeds they sell. The Alpen Gleaux produces beautiful and desired colors in a plant, resulting in excellent terpenes levels. The nugget structure that they have is airy but dense. Customers are describing their flower seeds as stunning.

If you want to grow Buddha’s hand, the seeds produce beautiful full flowers that are green and have noticeably amber hairs all over. The plants produce a single pistil that is perfect for cross genetics. The seeds are high quality, and they will deliver excellent buds. The strain is one of the most popular in Colorado for producing giant buds. The terpenes are known for delicious aromas and flavors of tangerines and honeysuckles.

High Alpine Genetics vendor


High Alpine Genetics Loyalty Points and Discounts

High Alpine Genetics offers incredible seeds and flowers for purchase. Due to the quality of their product and low prices, they do not currently have a loyalty program. The company heavily focuses on creating high-quality seeds that you can grow. They offer the best seeds and growing guides to help you on your journey. Most companies focus more on flowers, so this is a nice change to the game.  The company gives you all of the resources you need to begin growing on your own. So, rather than discounts and loyalty programs, the company sets you up to have success growing your seeds.

You can still purchase big, full flowers high in CBD from High Alpine Genetics if you do not want to grow. They offer excellent pricing for their bud. You can get 8 grams of smokeable flower for $30. The price is banging because it comes out to about $3.20 per gram. The more you buy, the more you save. You can get 32 grams of flower for about $90. That’s 4x the flower for just 3x the price reducing your cost to $2.8 per gram. If you choose to buy half a pound (225 grams), the cost per gram is only $2.6 per gram. The company has a clear idea to provide the highest quality products at very affordable prices.

High Alpine Genetics Legal Compliance

High Alpine Genetics dedicates its homepage to transparency. On the home screen, the first page you see is a compliance certificate that expressly states that the company is selling a federally legal product. Followed by this, they offer videos to show their exceptional cultivation practices and seed suppliers. The transparency provided and the superior and legal quality of the flower make High Alpine Genetics one of the best places to buy your hemp.

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