Frosted Lime CBD Hemp Flower Strain Review

Feeling a little blue? Frosted Lime Hemp Flower might be just for you. Lending a feeling of well-being, this upbeat and lively strain awakens the senses right from the get-go. Its potent citrus aroma blends together with a strong skunky scent that give it a unique flavor that jabs at the throat.

Sticky and fragrant, Frosted Lime is a rich sativa-dominant strain that’s perfect for those moments when you want to feel upbeat and energetic. The potent strain makes a suitable choice for daytime use, allowing you to enjoy a carefree disposition that’s light and effortless to maintain.



The Frosted Lime Lineage

Frosted Lime CBD hemp plants growing in field

The Frosted Lime lineage is one that isn’t completely clear. All we know is that the cultivar was developed out of the combination of Frosty with another, undisclosed strain. The Frosty parent strain is an indica-leaning cultivar that’s beloved for its effects that mellow you out and keep you feeling calm and collected.

However, because the Frosted Lime strain is a sativa-dominant strain, we can assume that the undisclosed parent strain is a strong sativa cultivar with potent a potent citrus flavor and fragrance.



The Effects of Frosted Lime

Upbeat and lively, the Frosted Lime strain is best for those who enjoy an energetic buzz. During that first toke, Frosted Lime hits strong with its potent citrus flavor that tickles the throat. For lower tolerance users, the feeling might be slightly irritating as the strong flavor of lime scrapes against the back of the throat.

As the cultivar’s smoke rages through your system, it brings about a feeling of pleasant well-being and a sense of energy. The light buzz rises through the head and all throughout the body, making you want to move and get things done. In many cases, Frosted Lime can induce a strong desire to create and be productive.

Although strong and overpowering, the Frosted Lime cultivar’s effects can die down pretty quickly. So it really does make a suitable choice if you were hoping to catch a quick break from the nuances of daily life. On the other hand, users who want to experience a long, peaceful sleep might not be too satisfied. An indica strain might be better suited for that purpose.



The Frosted Lime’s Flavor Profile

closeup of Frosted Lime CBD hemp bud

Rich and pungent, the Frosted Lime’s flavor profile can heighten the cultivar’s buzz. The first drag scrapes against the back of the throat, awakening the senses with strong hints of lemon and citrus. Towards the end of the toke, the smoke takes on a more skunky flavor, wrapping the taste buds in a strong taste of bitterness that perfectly contrasts the high, lively notes of citrus.

For more experienced CBD hemp flower connoisseurs, the experience can be quite a thrilling ride. But for users who can’t tolerate strong flavors – especially bitterness – that well, then the Frosted Lime cultivar might not be the best choice out there. Nonetheless, even the most sensitive of users might be able to overlook its overpowering taste in favor of its unique effects.



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