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Flower Gurus CBD Hemp Flower Vendor Review

Although their selection might not be quite as extensive, Flower Gurus makes up for it with quality. After using hemp products to assist in the management of his Menier’s Disease, the owner and founder of Flower Gurus decided to embark on business to share the positive benefits of CBD from his own experience.

This CBD hemp flower reseller sources its products from wholesale farms. So although they don’t grow their own products, they do their research to find out who grows them well. Needless to say, the brand does an excellent job of curating their products, bringing you a premium selection that demonstrates the true power and pleasantry of CBD hemp flower.


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Top Products from Flower Gurus

The Flower Gurus sources their hemp products from other wholesalers in the market. They carefully curate the strains for quality, and partner up with only the most experienced growers on the market. The humble company will only have five to six strains on hand at any given time, and the variants tend to change depending on what their suppliers have at the ready. So the menu at Flower Gurus is never set in stone.

Even then, there are a few strains in their line-up that have earned the trust of their eager patrons. Their Suver Haze strain clocking in at 17.2% CBD is especially prominent, boasting sticky, thick leaves with minimal branches and a strong fruity aroma that captivates the senses. A close runner-up would be the Elektra cultivar. Its deep green leaves is drizzled generously with orange hairs, and offers an electrifying experience that boost energy and uplifts mood.


What People Are Saying

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Despite their modest selection, Flower Gurus still gets rave reviews from their solid base of supportive buyers. What really hits it out of the park is the careful thought that goes into the strain selection. The Flower Gurus brand is almost like your own personal hemp flower shopper – curating the wide array of choices from countless brands and bringing you the best ones to help ease the selection process.

Buyers especially appreciate that the Flower Gurus take their time to choose just the best flowers. With high levels of CBD, strong tastes, fragrant nugs, and lasting effects, you can rest assured that each purchase will give you the best value for your money.


Flower Gurus Discounts and Coupons

With Flower Gurus, it really doesn’t get much easier to find a discount. Visit their page and the first thing you see are updated promotional offers to help you save on your next purchase. First time buyers can get up to 30% off by punching in their welcome voucher.

They also host regular inventory flash sales that can give you up to 25% off on select strains. Offering free shipping on orders $75, the Flower Gurus try their best to make sure you get the best value for every penny you spend.


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Flower Gurus Legal Compliance

The Flower Gurus source their hemp flowers from accredited, legal, and legitimate hemp cultivation operations that put their strains through strict quality assurance procedures. All of their products passed through third party testing labs to ensure quality, and the Flower Gurus guarantee that each cultivar falls below the 0.3% THC limit. The brand ships anywhere in the United States, offering safe, legal, premium quality hemp strains that are available for purchase across all 50 states.


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