Southern Charm Botanicals Hemp Review

Southern Charm Botanicals – sometimes simply called Souther Charm – is an up-and-comer in the hemp industry. Owned and managed by two public servants, Southern Charm Botanicals places emphasis on the service of the hemp market, offering products that are grown and formulated to meet the needs of every hemp user with utmost focus on the quality of the products being offered.

What makes Southern Charm Botanicals particularly distinct among its peers is its unique selection of products. With a line-up that includes both consumables and bath and body products, the Southern Charm brand aims to become a part of your day to day life with their practical picks that won’t break the bank.


About the Southern Charm Brand

southern charm hempSouthern Charm Botanicals started out as a humble venture under the ownership of two public servants. Having seen how hemp reshaped the lives of their closest relatives, the owners of the brand decided to take part in the industry, hoping to provide the same help and relief for others who might be experiencing the throes of being unwell and unhappy.

After having gone through a handful of potential partners, Southern Charm Botanicals was able to pick out equally meticulous farmers with a keen interest for providing top-quality hemp that manifested the full genetic potential of each cultivar, and the rest was history. Having been in the market for just a short time since it was established in 2019, Southern Charm Hemp finds itself with a suitable patronage despite its young reputation.


Southern Charm Botanicals’ Product List

With a modest line-up that includes just 18 products, Southern Charm is the epitome of a hemp start-up. Their humble product catalogue combines consumables, concentrates, and self-care formulations, giving you just enough picks to help you get everything you need under one virtual roof. But as with any other brand, the Southern Charm Botanicals company tout’s hemp flower as its bread and butter, which also happens to be the product they have the most varieties of.

As of writing, Southern Charm Botanicals brandishes 10 different hemp varieties. Prices start at $9 for greenhouse grown hemp flower, and $10 for indoor grown varieties. Some of their bestselling hemp flower include Sour Space Candy, Lifter, and Medicine Woman which is one of the less common cultivars you’ll find on the contemporary hemp market.

Other popular products in their line-up include their CBD oil tinctures. They offer the formulation as a full spectrum oil, or as a broad spectrum oil for those who want to do away completely with THC. Their dabs are also particularly prominent on their list, offering buyers a potent way to use hemp with various available strains.

And of course, Southern Charm Botanicals also offers bath and body products like bath bombs, roll on lotion bars, and body butter for those who want to incorporate the benefits of hemp into more than just their everyday diet.


Website Layout and User Interface

southern charm hempThe first thing to greet visitors at the Southern Charm Botanicals website is a basic homepage with a blown-up logo and a snippet of information about the brand. The top of the page is home to a menu bar where you can find options to navigate the website’s different areas. Other than that, there’s not much else to see.

Click on through to the Shop All item and you’ll be served a hodge podge of products in no particular order. The side of the shop page shows you three categories to choose from, and makes it easy to find the specific items based on the type you need. Certificates of analysis are available on a separate page, but the most pertinent details of the lab results are displayed on the product page itself.

All in all, navigating the site is relatively easy. The only thing lacking is any sort of FAQs page, or any pages on shipping and returns protocol. Unfortunately, without these resources at your disposal, it might be necessary to reach out to the brand to learn more about the specifics before you place an order.


Discounts and Coupons on Southern Charm

Unlike the mainstream hemp retailers, Southern Charm doesn’t have a newsletter or anything similar. In fact, there isn’t even a place on the site that offers information on sales and other promotional offers. For now, it might be because of the budding nature of the company, having yet to dig its feet into the industry to be able to offer discounts and sale items. Nonetheless, buyers who are keen on buying more for less might find the Southern Charm Botanicals offers to be a little lacking in terms of deals.

For buyers who are interested to get the latest information on promotional offers and other potential deals and discounts through Souther Charm Botanicals, it might be better to follow their social media pages. With updated posts on both Instagram and Facebook, the brand does let in on some sale information whenever they have discounts floating around.


Shipping and Refunds at Southern Charm Botanicals

One of the difficulties of dealing with Southern Charm is that they don’t make clear how their shipping process takes place, and whether purchases are secured by any sort of guarantee. What we do know after fiddling with the check-out options is that the brand delivers all of their products through USPS. A standard fee of $5 applies on all domestic US orders. Payments are accepted through Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Buyers also have the option to pay through Google Pay.

On the topic of returns, exchanges, and refunds, we do know that Southern Charm Botanicals accepts all of these in the case of orders that are defective, damaged, or lacking. The same goes for packages with items that don’t match the original order. However, for return and refund requests for products that just don’t meet your standards, there’s a bit of a gray area.

It seems that the Southern Charm brand makes decisions on such disputes on a case to case basis. And that turns out to be another hitch in the process. The website doesn’t provide a Contact page where you can send requests, queries, and concerns. On the other hand, you can reach out to them through their listed email address should you have any disputes regarding the products you’ve received.

southern charm hemp

Should You Buy from Southern Charm Botanicals?

That depends on what you’re looking for. If anything, their dabs are definitely a unique product worth looking into, and the same goes for their CBD oil selection that’s available in broad and full spectrum formulations. And although hemp flower prices aren’t exactly the cheapest, they do promise quality product. So, if you were willing to spend a little extra for a brand new hemp product, then it might be in your interest to try the products offered by the brand.

Even then, there are some limitations. Perhaps the biggest drawback of buying from the brand is not knowing the specifics of the returns and exchanges process. If you don’t mind spending your money on a product that isn’t necessarily backed by any sort of satisfaction guarantee, then there should be no problem in trying out the products offered under the Southern Charm Botanicals brand.



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