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Tokn CBD Hemp vendor Review

The Tokn CBD Hemp vendor has been around for quite some time, and has been focused on offering its buyers a wide spread of hemp and canna-based products for maximum satisfaction. The store uses hemp that’s grown in Oregon, and boasts organic growing methods that help to ensure the integrity of their hemp and all the products they develop from it.

With a range of products that include everything from raw hemp flower to tinctures and resin to name a few, TOKN CBD brings any hemp user all the essentials they might need to fill up their stash. Now the only important question that needs to be answered is – would it be wise to spend your cash on TOKN’s products? Find out here.


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About TOKN

The idea behind the brand started with the inspiration its founders felt from being one with nature. The main goal was to take what the natural world offered and then turning it into safe, legal, beneficial products that encapsulate the full, potent, whole-plant effects of the miracle hemp herb. Run by a couple named Shawn and Ashley, TOKN has a vision of bringing farm fresh herbs from seed to sale and beyond with their all-organic practices and careful post-harvest processing.

The TOKN farm is a 15 acre lot that’s tucked away in the Willamette Valley. The brand’s ultimate goal is to redefine what hemp is and how it can be beneficial not only to those who suffer from specific conditions and ailments, but also for anyone and everyone’s everyday life.


TOKN’s Product Line-Up

As of writing, TOKN offers all of 17 products. These include their flagship hemp flower picks that bring whole-plant goodness to those in search of wholesome, high quality raw hemp. And their top-shelf cultivars are substantiated by soaring prices which are twice, thrice, or sometimes even four times the price of the budget hemp flower.

Their choices are available in denominations from 1/8 of an ounce to a full ounce, and prices start at $10. But there are some higher quality flower picks that push the price limits, going for as much as $20 per 1/8 ounce. This goes for their Special Sauce strain which the brand touts to be one of their most potent, CBD rich raw hemp flower choices. Other bestsellers include Suver Haze, Lifter, and Hawaiian Haze.

For those having trouble picking a hemp variety, the brand offers Flights which are packs of four different hemp varieties in one. Available cultivars are listed on the page and can’t be substituted for other choices on the line-up. Prices for the Flights start at $50 for four eighth ounce samples. Budget buyers can find cheaper choices in the Smalls and Trim which retail for slightly less per unit weight compared to the full flower.

One of the store’s bestsellers is their TOKN tea. The all organic formulation provides an option for users who want to leverage the benefits of CBD without having to smoke the stuff. The formulation comes in 6 different variations that incorporate varying all-natural ingredients to cater to varying taste buds and preferences.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning their Full Spectrum Tincture and their Live Resin Kief. Offering buyers various other ways to leverage the benefits and effects of hemp, these formulations incorporate tons of flavor and rich cannabinoid profiles. So really, a little goes a long way.


Website Layout and User Interface

tokn hempThere’s a lot to love about the TOKN website. Clean subtle colors and neatly organized menu options make navigating a breeze. On the homepage, you’ll find just enough information about the brand to give you that bit of trust you need to push through with the know-your-hemp-vendor process. Scroll a little further, and you’ll find a wealth of products that feature the brand’s best of the best.

An FAQs page and a list of support resources makes it easy to find what you need to deal with the brand. A dedicated About Us page gives the information on the roots of the TOKN name, which is definitely a pivotal snippet for discriminating buyers who want to know a brand better before making a choice.

Although it is clean and streamlined, the website isn’t without kinks. Perhaps the biggest problem is that the products page doesn’t give you the option to filter results. Sure, with just 17 products in their catalogue, it’s not exactly a chore to find the product you’re looking for. Nonetheless, an option to filter the available products would have made the search little less taxing.


Discounts and Coupons at TOKN

With one of the biggest first-buyer discounts, TOKN draws in those first timers with a whopping 30% discount that doubles the typical price cut that other brands offer. The voucher is available right along the top of the website where you can copy the code and apply it on a valid order. Orders that exceed $40 are eligible for free shipping. Aside from that, the TOKN brand also hosts seasonal sales especially during holidays. Visiting their website regularly should give you information on their on-going offers and promotions.

For those interested in getting a consistent stream of news and updates from the brand, they do have a newsletter that you can sign up for. Occasionally, the brand will send out an exclusive deal or discount voucher to those who have joined their mailing list, so there’s really nothing to lose.

On sale products are lumped together with regular priced items in their catalogue which might make them hard to spot right off the bat. Nonetheless, a little searching should help you find marked down items in their modest sea of product picks. And finally, the best way to get discount offers and sale information from TOKN would be to follow them on social media where they often post their latest price cut details.


Shipping and Returns at TOKN

All orders, except those placed from Friday to Sunday, will be shipped out within 48 hours. Weekend orders are prepared and shipped on Monday. The shop states that it might take anywhere from 3-5 days for orders to finally arrive at your doorstep, but that it would be best to track your parcel through the USPS website with your provided tracking number.

On the topic of returns, refunds, and exchanges, the brand doesn’t exactly specify its policies. We can assume however that damaged, defective, incomplete, or wrong orders will be fixed by the brand at no added cost. But if you have concerns with the products you received for any reasons other than the company’s error, then you might have to reach out to them personally to come to a compromise.



Should You Buy From TOKN CBD Hemp?

tokn hempThere’s a lot of reasons to give TOKN a try. Their impressive selection of top-shelf hemp can tug at the heartstrings of any connoisseur, but then again, their prices might also make their product a little over budget for frequent shoppers who are interested in hemp with sustainable, long term prices.

If there’s anything you should watch out for, it’s the lack of any sort of purchase guarantee. Buying from TOKN means that you might be taking a gamble in terms of payment protection, but that’s not something you can’t fix by reaching out to the company. So if you’re really keen on copping top-shelf hemp, then TOKN might be worth a shot.



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