Toke house Hemp Flower Review

Many hemp businesses have humble beginnings and thrive upon their grass-roots approach to their product. The Toke house Hemp Vendor takes such an approach and has been a steady presence in the small-scale hemp scene?

Is Toke house Hemp worth your time? In this review, we’ll be looking into the story of Toke house, the products they offer, as well as the services inherent to their business. Afterward, you may have a clearer idea of whether or not Toke house Hemp is a store worthy of your patronage.


toke house hemp flowerThe Story of Toke house Hemp Vendor

In April 2016, a man by the name of Matt Mauer established Toke house in the heart of La Crosse, Wisconsin. It was a close, tight-knit family business that catered to the locals in the La Crosse area. It is a classic story of a man infusing his passion into his hometown business.

The store opened with much anticipation from the local CBD enthusiasts. Offering frequent weekly giveaways at the outset, Toke house created an organic following that steadily increased as the weeks went by. Before long, Toke house became one of the best examples of a small-scale business with a strong grass-roots approach to the industry.

In time, Toke house would expand its store offerings and venture into their line of CBD products. Their product is carried by prominent online stores such as Simple Hemp Solutions. Apart from the online domain, these products would, later on, be distributed over other local general stores such as the Cheapo Depot chain in Wisconsin.


What Does Toke house Offer Customers?

Toke house traces its humble beginnings as a retail store of anything CBD or cannabis-related. They sell a wide range of products from vapes, bongs, and e-cigarettes to name a few. Much of their previous giveaways and promotions involve these products. They also carry a CBD line-up of products that have garnered a lot of interest in recent months that may be worth your time.

Off the gate, Toke house has four different Hemp Flower Offerings from their business. These are available in 3.5g and 7g offerings packaged in resealable plastic zip-lock bags. The strains they offer include Elektra, Hawaiian Haze, Cherry, and Lifter.

Though most of these are well-known strains, you will be relying on what has been previously said of these individual products as to their quality. There isn’t much on the internet regarding reviews for Toke house products and fair to say that ordering a batch from them can very well be a hit or miss experience.

Other than the hemp flowers, they also offer these products in the form of pre-rolled joints. For patrons who are less than eager to create their own, these pre-rolled joints were made from the hard-trimmings of their original hemp flowers without any concessions as to the amount put in. It comes with a nice green plastic packaging which retains the freshness of their product.

Perhaps as a novel offerings, Toke house also offers a CBD tincture admixed with MCT oil, a rising star in nutrition circles. They also have a selection of hemp grinders for those looking to make their joints at home. These come five different colors and have a nice premium look to them. These can be welcome additions to your growing list of CBD accessories.


toke house hemp flowerWebsite Layout and User Interface

Unfortunately, at the time of this review, the Toke house main website was not available. Toke house through their Facebook page announced that they will be closing their store and online webpage due to the COVID pandemic. In the meantime, their product offering may be view through their Facebook page.

Even then, their Facebook page lists down all the products they have on sale with the majority being vape and cannabis-related accessories. It’s not particularly streamlined for the CBD products to be displayed at their premier offering. Certainly, this may detract prospective buyers who are in the online platform for obtained CBD products exclusively.

As an alternative, the Toke house CBD products are available through the Simple Hemp Solutions website. It is a clean and intuitive website that allows you to view various CBD products from several different brands. Toke house is among its brand offerings and it is relatively easy to place an order.

You’re taken through a grid shopping page for all the available Toke house products with clear photographs and succinct descriptions. After making your selection, you can then go to the check out page. It takes you through a step-by-step process of registering an account, providing your shipping address, settling your billing address, and completing the credit card transaction. The site also conveniently provides type boxes for placing coupons or gift certificates you may have.


Toke house’s Shipping and Refund Policy

Due to the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the pandemic, Toke house is currently unable to provide detailed information on their shipping or refund policies. As the website itself is closed, shipping its products does not appear to be part of its operating priorities as of the moment.

This may be a disadvantageous position for Toke house as they stand to lose a loyal and earnest customer base. If anything, having a reliable supply in a time of quarantines and pandemic is a legitimate need for some who have adopted a CBD-reliant lifestyle. Depriving CBD enthusiasts of the product that tides them over during uncertain and stressful situations is a course of action many small-scale businesses may not want to be associated with their brand.

In the same way, there appears to be no available information on the refund policy on these products. Whether you receive tampered or defective products, Toke house does not provide any clarifications on their online platforms as to how these situations are handled. You may need to take extra precautions when making that next order.


Does Toke house Have Reliable Certification?

There’s no way to confirm whether or not Toke house provides certification for their CBD products. No information is available at the time of this writing due to the downtime on the Toke house website. Perusing their Facebook page also yields no information on product certifications.

If you will decide on purchasing from Toke house, it may be prudent to wait for when operations come back to the pre-COVID activities. You may needlessly be exposing yourself to unnecessary risks from consuming CBD products that do not meet government regulations for safe use.

For the ever-persistent CBD enthusiasts out there, please use Toke house products at your own risk. If you’re not particular about spending a little extra, securing third-party certification can mean the difference between getting pure CBD hemp flowers or sub-par products that can fail you on your next drug test. You can never be too careful with these things, especially when you’re security and public record is on the line.


toke house hemp flower


Should You Buy From Toke house?

In this review, it’s difficult to recommend for you to patronize this small-scale hemp business. With a weak online presence and non-existent official website, getting the necessary information to make a well-informed purchase decision from Toke house is a difficult ordeal

It would seem in the interest of self and public safety, Toke house has decided to close its doors for the time being. As such, we’d recommend you don’t make this a priority CBD vendor at least during this time of the pandemic.



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