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Hemp Picks Vendor Review

The humble Hemp Picks brand is a business that’s based in the heart of West Virginia. Their operation strives to give their clients the best mass produced hemp flower products for processing into a variety of CBD hemp products for retail. Presently, Hemp Picks doesn’t offer any of their wares for retail. But they do work with a number of other companies to produce CBD hemp formulations that are sold under their partner brands.

Essentially, Hemp Picks grows the flowers which they offer for wholesale. They can also be commissioned to produce hemp oils, extracts, pre-rolls, and other CBD hemp products complete with bespoke packaging. As of writing, Hemp Picks plans to release their own line of retail products through their website.


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Top Picks from Hemp Picks

Because Hemp Picks doesn’t offer their products for retail, there’s really no way to tell which products come out on top as their best-sellers. For the most part, all of their strains see the same amount of attention from their avid patrons, and they get tons of support from clients with their own thriving CBD hemp product brands.

Some of their partners include Suzie’s CBD Treats for pets, Evo Hemp, and Battle Proof Hemp. They also have a physical store located in their head office where they sell the products from their partner brands.

Aside from their wholesale transactions, Hemp Picks also dabbles in the production of a variety of items from hemp bioplastic. They create bespoke grinders, musical instruments, accessories, clothing, and even fire pits made entirely out of hemp. Presently, the items aren’t mass produced, which means they’ll only have a limited number of pieces at any given time. They’re also not available for online purchase, sold only through their physical store in Virginia.


What People Are Saying

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Many of those who patronize the products from brands working with Hemp Picks praise the formulations for their potent effects. Hemp Picks produces premium quality hemp that pushes 20% CBD concentration. This shines through in terms of potency, producing impressively overpowering strains that truly delivery the results they promise.

Their bespoke hemp items including musical instruments and t-shirts are also receiving quite a bit of praise, thanks to their sustainability and eco-friendliness. Over time, Hemp Picks aims to make these products more available to the public through their own e-commerce retail store.


Hemp Picks Discounts and Coupons

Presently, Hemp Picks doesn’t offer a lot of promotional discounts because of the nature of their business. They’re mostly focused on the wholesale of hemp flowers and hemp-derived products, so they’re not really in a position to be offering retail discounts. That said, they do offer impressively competitive wholesale prices. Items available through their retail store are also reasonably priced. If you want to try your hand at haggling, catch the Hemp Picks crew at the PointPark Marketplace where they regularly participate as accredited vendors.


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Hemp Picks Legal Compliance


As one of the biggest wholesale distributors of hemp-derived products and flowers, Hemp Picks strictly abides by government regulations in the growth and production of their hemp products. All strains fall below the 0.3% THC restriction, despite pushing the upper limits of CBD content. So you get powerful strains that offer top-tier results without the intoxicating effects of THC.


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