Veteran Grown CBD Hemp Flower Vendor Review

Selling hemp products they handle from seed to store to sale, Veteran Grown Hemp is a company that offers premium hemp products including flowers and hemp-derivatives from their own private farms. As their name suggests, the company is proudly run and owned by a veteran family, offering products that are grown on their private farms.

They sell their products for retail through their dedicated e-commerce website, however they also offer their hemp for wholesale. Their range of hemp-derived products include edibles, pre-rolls, tinctures, oils, hemp flowers, self-care products, and everything in between.


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Top Products from Veteran Grown Hemp

With their extensive range of products, it can be tough to choose a single favorite. But many of those who have tried their range of options have found special interest in Transdermal Patches that use a special formulation to relieve bodily nuances. Just slap on a patch for fast acting relief.

Of course, their hemp flowers have also earned quite a lot of prominence among eager buyers. Among their top selling strains are Sweet Cherry and Apple Bliss which boast a delectable symphony of sweet fruity notes. They also deliver quite the powerful punch in terms of effects, enveloping your mind, body, and senses in an immersive hemp experience that’s truly one of a kind.



What People Are Saying

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What do Veteran Grown Hemp buyers have to say about their products? Well, buyers especially enjoy the sweetness of their hemp flowers. The practices imposed by the Veteran Grown Hemp brand help to heighten the flavors of their hemp to bring out more distinct flavor profiles. So not only are their products more flavorful, they’re also less bitter, letting you enjoy the experience of smoking in a way that you probably haven’t before.

Other than that, Veteran Grown Hemp has also earned quite a reputation for being some of the friendliest retailers and wholesalers on the market. Their team is comprised of members of their humble family, so they take every aspect of their business to heart, including sales support.


Veteran Grown Hemp Discounts and Coupons

Veteran Grown Hemp offers some of the cheapest hemp products you’ll find online. Their premium strains can come in packages as cheap as $6, giving you lots of options that fall right within budget. So even if they might not be too big on discounts and promotional offers, their products remain affordable all year round.

Aside from that, buyers who want to purchase their products in bulk can enroll in their wholesale program. Their products are all available for bulk transactions, and come at much lower prices for those who want to partner up for wholesale.


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Veteran Grown Hemp Legal Compliance

The Veteran Grown Hemp brand grows their very own hemp plants on their private farms. Batches are sent to independent lab testers where they’re inspected to make sure they fall within the 0.3% THC limit. That said, you can be certain that all of the products on the Veteran Grown Hemp line-up are compliant with the 2014 Farm Act, making them safe for sale and use throughout all 50 states.


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