Jack Frost Hemp Vendor Review

Looking for a pick-me-up? The Jack Frost hemp flower strain might be the perfect antidote. Uplifting and euphoric, this strain inspires a sense of carefree wellness, letting you enjoy your day without the burden of heavy thoughts, feelings, and bodily tension. With a pale green hue that’s laced with icy white flakes and crystals that look almost like frost, there’s really no wondering where the strain gets its name.

Gently uplifting, the Jack Frost hemp flower strain can make you feel especially light and airy, without causing intoxication or drowsiness. So as it lends that calming sense of well-being, it also keeps your energy up, letting you go about your day in relative relaxation for sustained productivity.


Jack Frost hemp plants growing in green house


The Jack Frost Lineage

The Jack Frost hemp strain comes from the combination of four of the most iconic cultivars known to hemp lovers around the globe. The breeding together of Jack Herer, White Widow, and Northern Lights #5 is what gave birth to the Jack Herer strain. These parent strains have become popular in their own right, joining the front-runners in the hemp industry as some of the most beloved cultivars currently available.

The Jack Herrer strain is best known for its fruity flavor that inspires a sense of creativity and blissful clearheadedness. White Widow provides a powerful boost of energy, delivering a burst of vibrant liveliness that can help bump up productivity. And finally, the award-winning Northern Lights #5 is a top-shelf strain that’s become the golden standard for relaxation and calm.

Together, these CBD strains produced the Jack Frost cultivar that combines all of these wonderful qualities to bring a lively sense of well-being that’s calm, collected, and long-wearing – perfect for those times when you’ve got a long day ahead of you.


The Jack Frost Effect

Light, airy, and carefree, the feelings inspired by the Jack Frost cultivar can make you feel like you’re on cloud nine. Slow and steady, the strain takes its time, building up its effects after the first hit. Within the first hour after taking a toke, then Jack Frost cultivar brings the full-force of its effects, bringing you into a feeling of calm collectedness that can last for hours on end.

The steady impact of this relaxing strain can be described as blissful and sweet, encouraging a smile and lifting away your cares for a an effortlessly light experience. But despite its potent impact that calms the nerves and releases tension, the strain doesn’t cause drowsiness – something it owes its White Widow parent strain. This helps to keep you productive as the day goes by, so you can get more done as the calming effects take control.


The Jack Frost Flavor Profile

closeup of Jack Frost hemp bud

Fruity and aromatic, the Jack Frost strain is especially easy on the palate. This delectable cultivar is spicy, peppery, and mostly fruity, bringing you a dynamic flavor that plays over the tongue and tickles the taste buds with each toke. At the end of the symphony of flavor, a strong gasoline finish tops off the experience, clinging to the back of the throat to leave remnants of the cultivar for several minutes after your last drag.

All in all, it’s a fairly versatile experience that can be a pleasant roller coaster of tastes for low-tolerance users and a relaxed, predictable, yet powerful ride for more experienced hemp veterans that will have you eager for more.


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