CBD American Shaman Hemp Flower Review

With a primary focus on the whole-plant goodness of hemp-derived extracts, CBD American Shaman works towards the goal of bringing its buyers organic choices that put their wellness front and center. Their selection of products encompasses nearly every corner of the known hemp market, offering buyers a complete, one-stop online shop where they can get their hands on an assortment of products without having to hop from one retailer to another.

As one of the biggest hemp brands currently out there, CBD American Shaman is a retailer, wholesaler, and franchiser, covering almost every angle of the hemp business. That said, CBD American Shaman products are actually pretty common and easy to find. But the question is – should you give them a shot? Here’s what you need to know.


cbd american shaman review About CBD American Shaman

CBD American Shaman is a big name in the hemp industry, and offers a wealth of products all under their brand name. Their wide selection of formulations includes everything from hemp flower to edibles, but their main focus is mainly hemp derived oils. The brand boasts state-of-the-art extraction processes that guarantee the highest potency of derived product. Their post-processing practices are alleged to improve bioavailability by 9 times compared to their competitors, giving the brand claim over a large part of the hemp oil market.

Working with hemp farmers from around the United States, CBD American Shaman carefully handpicks all of their partners to guarantee the quality of their hemp products. They select high CBD, terpene rich cultivars to help ensure the strong effects, potent flavor, and above average bioavailability of the resulting extracts and concentrates.


Products from the CBD American Shaman Brand

To be perfectly honest, the CBD American Shaman product line-up is pretty much as extensive as it gets. Their ultra wide spread offers everything you might need, so they really do take the form of a one-stop shop. The main difference however is that CBD American Shaman only offers products that come from their own brand. And the one product that they tout as their bread and butter is CBD hemp oil.

Their hemp oil products are manufactured with best-practices to ensure the quality of the resulting formula. They use the latest technology to extract as much of the plant’s chemistry as possible, and they claim that their hemp oil is about 9 times more bioavailable than any other you’re likely to find on the market. That means that their hemp oil’s active compounds are more readily absorbed than other formulations that might lose some potency during the intake process.

When it comes to hemp flower, the brand doesn’t really lay out too many options. Their joints cost $14.99 per piece which definitely isn’t the cheapest you’ll find. Every piece contains just 1 gram of their Cherry strain, or whatever is available in stock. The same goes for their CBG flower which retails for $29.99 for 3.5 grams. Cultivar options are limited, and will usually only a span a selection of about 2 to 3 variations.

Other than their flower and oil, the CBD American Shaman brand brings almost everything else. Some of their bestsellers include their topical creams, lotions, and edibles that incorporate high terpene, high CBD extracts for maximum results with just small amounts.


Website Layout and User Interface

When it comes to website content, CBD American Shaman wins again. Their complete website brings you all the information and details you need to make a well informed consumer choice. Their home page features a clean, streamlined layout that’s easy on the eyes and hassle-free to read through. Popular categories are laid out in tiles underneath the banner, and featured products can be found just a few scrolls down.

Along the menu bar, the website gives you the option to navigate to the most important areas of the site including their Shop, FAQs, and programs for those interested in becoming a CBD American Shaman partner. They offer every opportunity from franchising, to whole sale, and affiliate marketing. That tab also shows their Compassionate Care program that gives eligible, financially strapped hemp users the opportunity to get discounts on their purchases.

The shop area is where things get a little hairy. With so many products in their line-up, it gets a little challenging to find the exact product you’re looking for. They have over a dozen product categories, and although filters for your search can be found on the left-hand side of the product page, the sheer number of variables can make it a little confusing.



cbd american shaman review


Discounts and Coupons on CBD American Shaman

As a well-established brand, CBD American Shaman has the capacity to give its buyers an excess of discount offers and deals. Just step onto their website, and you’ll be greeted with a 20% off voucher on your first order simply by signing up for their newsletter. The website also has a pop-up that reveals any available discount coupons that buyers can use for their purchase. Their most obvious is the free shipping offer that applies on orders above $99.

Other than their discount offers and coupons, CBD American Shaman also grants eligible buyers a discounted rate should they qualify for the Compassionate Care program. Their discounts also extend to Veterans in need of quality hemp products to help lighten the burden of financial distress on those who need it most.

And of course, the brand also lets you get your hands on the latest discounts and deals through their social media pages. You can catch CBD American Shaman on either Facebook or Instagram where they share updates on upcoming sales and other potential price cuts for those who frequent their page.


Shipping and Returns at CBD American Shaman

Orders are processed and shipped out within 48 hours after order placement. The brand uses USPS for all shipments, and requests that buyers check with the service to find out the status of their package. On average however, buyers should expect to get their products delivered within 3-5 days after the items are shipped from the CBD American Shaman office.

All orders purchased from their official website are given a 45 day no questions asked guarantee. If any of the products that you purchased just aren’t up to code, then CBD American Shaman can refund the total amount you spend, save for the shipping fees incurred during the transaction. Any products purchased from a physical store will have to be returned to the store you purchased from.


cbd american shaman review Should You Buy From CBD American Shaman?

Their interesting list of products and their attention to quality and detail make CBD American Shaman a potential choice for buyers who want premium hemp products. But the real item worth trying – above everything else that they offer – would have to be their hemp oil. But do keep in mind that CBD American Shaman costs significantly more than your average hemp products, so you may want to consider your budget before diving into a purchase.

Nonetheless, the brand does offer some reasonable discount offers. Just make sure that you visit their profiles and scour their site for updated offers to get as much of a price cut as you can. As long as you can manage to browse through their extensive product line-up accompanied by a confusing search filter feature, then their products might be worthy of a try.


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