Cloud 9 CBD Hemp Flower Vendor Review

Maybe to most of us, CBD vendors are nothing more than business, but there’s an unspoken obligation that many of them try to fulfill. With the future of CBD and hemp freedom still in question, most CBD vendors have made it their goal to protect and support the interest of CBD and hemp. That’s why advocacy and awareness are almost always a part of their mission.

And that’s actually why Cloud 9 Hemp was established. Having been around since 2014, Cloud 9 Hemp’s goal is to provide buyers with quality product and improve hemp and CBD awareness. The small operation offers a range of products, and provides a wealth of informative articles to help buyers make the right choice for their needs.


Cloud 9 CBD Hemp


Cloud 9 Hemp Reviews

Since they’ve been around for quite a while, there’s a lot of information online about Cloud 9 Hemp. The only downside however is that they don’t use a software to verify whether the reviews on their website are posted by people who have actually made a purchase. So if you were hoping to read some reliable feedback about the brand, your best bet would be to check out other sources.

There are a few threads on Reddit that explore the Cloud 9 Hemp product range. Unfortunately, the only exchange with a substantial number of comments explains that Cloud 9 Hemp isn’t too bad, but isn’t quite as strong either. But then again, that could be plainly because of distinct differences between each user.

On Facebook, Cloud 9 Hemp has close to 10,000 likes and has amassed a significant number of reviews from their buyers. While most of the feedback left behind shares positive information about the quality of their products, there are a few that complain about customer care — or the lack thereof.


Cloud 9 Hemp Product Line-Up

Cloud 9 Hemp offers an interesting range of products, including oils, e-liquids, edibles, flower, tinctures and terpenes, topicals, and pet supplies. According to their website, all of their products use high-quality hemp extracts, have zero additives, and are 100% organic and lab tested.

Visit their oil category and you’ll find a modest selection of just two products — their High Octane Oil and their Flavored CBD Oil. Their mildest strength starts at 250mg, increasing up to 1500mg for buyers with a higher tolerance. Their flavored oils come in a bunch of interesting blends including Butterscotch, Cinnamon, Peppermint, Strawberry, and Vanilla.

They also have a selection of CBD isolate tinctures that you can get in a variety of flavors. Strengths range from 250mg to 1000mg, and flavors include the same selection from their full-spectrum range. If you’re looking to explore, the brand also carries terpene + CBD Drops to give you a fuller experience minus the THC.

While other vendors sell an entire spectrum of edible products, Cloud 9 Hemp keeps it simple with their single option. Their CBD Honey comes in a 2oz tub and is infused with 200mg of CBD. The all natural blend incorporates zero additives, preservatives, flavorings, and artificial sweeteners, giving you organic CBD goodness.

If there’s anything worth noticing about the Cloud 9 Hemp products however it’s that they’re actually advertised as health supplements. In fact, the brand even goes as far as claiming that their blends work to address certain health issues, which should be a major no-no for any self-respecting CBD brand.

That said, it might only be a matter of time before the FDA cracks down on Cloud 9 Hemp for their shady advertising and health claims. On the upside, their formulations contain just organic ingredients, so even with the health claims, you can be sure you’re getting all-natural effects.


Cloud 9 Hemp Pricing and Coupon Codes

Cloud 9 Hemp actually sells their products at relatively low prices, making them an ideal go-to if you’re looking for your next stable source. Their oils start at just $19.99 a bottle, with their strongest 1500mg blend selling for only $69.99 per 30mL. That places each milligram of CBD at just $0.04, which is pretty much an industry low.

Their CBD Honey sells for as low as $24.99 for a 2oz tub, while their entire range of topicals sells for no more than $24.99. In fact, the reason why Cloud 9 Hemp still gets strong patronage despite their bold claims is because they sell their products at such low prices. But they don’t stop there.

Cloud 9 Hemp is no stranger to discounts. They offer a 20% off discount voucher to all first time buyers just to encourage you to make that first purchase. And then of course, there’s the free shipping offer that applies to all orders regardless of how much or how little you intend to buy.

Finally, the brand drops all the latest information on discounts, sales, price cuts, and vouchers through their social media pages. By giving them a like or a follow, you can be sure to stay updated on all the details to get a discount on your next order.


Cloud 9 CBD


The Verdict on Cloud 9 Hemp

Responsible selling is an important and necessary quality of any CBD vendor, especially since the authorities are still hot on the tail of CBD and hemp. Unfortunately, despite claiming to have opened their doors to ‘increase awareness of and advocate for hemp and CBD’, Cloud 9 Hemp makes a bunch of bold health claims that they can’t possibly support with research.

But hey, they make up for it with their prices. Their modest range of products claim to use all organic ingredients, and come at insanely low prices. So if you don’t mind the out-of-this-world advertising, then maybe their products would be worth a shot.


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