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WNC CBD website

WNC CBD is a family-owned operation that has been in the business of handpicking and distributing cannabis flowers and products for over 13 years. As a distributor, the company’s main advantage seems to be its direct relationships with farmers and manufacturers, which gives WNC access to a diverse range of quality strains and products. WNC comes across as consumer-oriented and emphasizes representing the best companies as their distributor.

Handling both wholesale and retail, this Asheville NC-based company is actively curating a portfolio of quality hemp flowers and derivative products like gummies, resin, tinctures, and wax. The process begins by vetting growers and manufacturers and testing several batches of their produce and/or products to meet stringent quality standards.

Based on the information on their website, it is clear that the company is all about building lasting relationships with their consumers and their business partners, creating a win-win ecosystem where both suppliers and buyers thrive through a mutually beneficial chain.

Top Products From WNC CBD

As with most Cannabis sellers, WNC CBD is home to a wide variety of strains and products that they claim are the best in class. Since they can take their pick from a number of farmers and manufacturers, it is believable that they cherry-pick the best options available.

Customers can choose from a long list of indoor and outdoor-grown Cannabis flower strains, which are sold right alongside popular Cannabis products such as CBD and THC tinctures, dry sift hash and various fruit-flavored gummies. Also available are Delta-8 THC wax, Delta-8 oil, and rosin from strains such as Blueberry Muffin, Orange Kush, Frosted Lime, and Suver Haze. Rosins come in various consistency grades such as sap, shatter, and wax.

The bulk of the company’s retail inventory is shared between various flowers and rosins. There’s also some apparel thrown in for good measure, showing WNC’s interest in establishing a recognizable brand amongst the fast-growing Cannabis consumer community.

Popular amongst the flowers are strains like Bubba Kush, Elektra, Sweet Caroline, Blue Cheese, Captain Crunch, Abacus, Stardust CBG, and Pebble OG. These offer a mix of indoor and outdoor-grown flowers and seem to sell out quickly from their online store. Overall, their top 3 best-selling flower varieties, based on the website’s own sales rankings, are Strawberry Cake, Pink Panther, and BaOx. The options offer a good selection of Sativa dominant, Indica dominant, and balanced strains.

Many of the products mention being soil-grown with organic practices. This means that there were no artificial fertilizers or growth enhancers used during the cultivation process, definitely good news for all the connoisseurs out there.

What People Are Saying

WNC CBD LogoWNC’s customer feedback is not transparent, but that is hardly uncommon in this industry, with most customers preferring to maintain their privacy. That said, the reviews reflect a community of dedicated returning customers.

Fast shipping, high-quality, smell-proof packaging, proper documentation, and most importantly – what you see is what you get products – are all points that are repeatedly seen in the reviews. The feedback is mostly positive, ranging from 4 to 5 stars. The buyers are discerning consumers, many of whom have left detailed reviews of their experience of each strain and how it has compared to other strains from WNC as well as other vendors.

The overall feeling is one of trust and even admiration for the flavor and quality of the products. Their presence on social media via Instagram and Facebook are also encouraging signs for accountability and trust-building.

WNC CBD Coupons and Discounts

Like other vendors, WNC has a slew of offers to attract customers away from the ever-growing competition. Their main draw for new customers is free first class shipping on orders of over $100. They also have a newsletter subscription that promises exclusive offers and updates on the latest products.

For loyal customers, the company offers a simple rewards program with bulk points for milestones such as creating an account, celebrating a birthday, and following the company’s Instagram account. It matches every dollar spent with one point, and the accumulated points translate to custom discounts on every purchase.

There is also a dedicated program for Veterans (ID required), a thoughtful addition because this group of users is often relying on natural cannabis products to manage serious symptoms without suffering side effects.

WNC CBD Legal Compliance

WNC CBD provides complete lab certification with all the minute details of each active compound that is tested for. Each flower strain, tincture, rosin, and hash product is accompanied by their associated lab results, complete with a signed certificate that clearly shows the details of the lab that did the certification.

The website also has easy-to-access pages for their Privacy, Terms, and Conditions, Shipping, and Refunds policies. These, along with the certifications for each applicable product, are openly accessible to anybody visiting the site without needing to create an account or make a purchase. Thus customers can always find out exactly what they are buying and what to expect from each transaction.

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