Berkshire CBD Hemp Flower Vendor Review

Berkshire Hemp is a premium CBD hemp flower product retailer that offers a range of products for every need. From raw CBD flowers, to pre-rolls, and oils, this brand targets purists who want to enjoy hemp the traditional way. Berkshire Hemp sources all of their hemp from small farms across the country. They carefully scrutinize sources before partnering up to guarantee the quality and consistency of their CBD products. So you can be certain that their offers provide some of the best results.

Their products are sold by the pouch, and are even available as pre-curated bundles to target your specific need. With a range of choices available at reasonable prices, Berkshire Hemp makes it easy for anyone and everyone to find a strain they can truly appreciate.


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Top Products from Berkshire Hemp

Browse through the Berkshire Hemp product line-up and it’s not hard to see how extensive their selection is. At any given time, the brand can offer up to 12 different strains, all of which were carefull curated from their partner farms for quality and potency. Their best cultivars include the iconic Sour Space Candy and Hawaiian Haze which both demonstrate supreme flavor and fragrance for a truly immersive CBD experience.

Aside from these well-known strains, Berkshire Hemp also offers specific CBD hemp flowers that are engineered for a specific purpose. Not so much about the strain, these products are intended for a distinct effect, and come in variants such as Calm, Joy, Uplift, and Relax.


What People Are Saying

So, what is it about Berkshire Hemp that has turned prospective buyers in long-term patrons? Simple – they deliver truly accurate CBD hemp flowers that stay true to their name and purpose. Their cultivars are carefully chosen to ensure that they deliver the kind of taste, fragrance, and effects that they were intended to. So their strains are distinct from one another, each demonstrating unique results and flavor profiles.

Aside from that, buyers also appreciate how Berkshire Hemp goes out of its way to make sure you know what you’re getting. Their pre-curated collections combine different hemp cultivars for a single purpose, eliminating the guesswork and letting you get the results you want with a sure-fire solution.


Berkshire Hemp Discounts and Coupons

Visit the Berkshire Hemp website and you’ll find a variety of ways to save on your purchase. They offer everything from a newsletter, to free shipping on orders just $50 and over. For those interested in deep discounts for resale purposes, Berkshire Hemp also has a wholesaler program where they can offer you their products at a much lower cost.


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Berkshire Hemp Legal Compliance

For your comfort and peace of mind, Berkshire Hemp ensures that every package they send out comes with a certificate of analysis to show you just what makes up your hemp flower on a chemical level. All of their products are tested by third party labs, and are guaranteed to fall within the government mandated THC level restriction of 0.3% maximum THC.

Whenever you purchase from Berkshire Hemp, you can rest assured that all of your chosen products are compliant with the 2014 Farm Act, making them safe and legal for use and purchase across the country.


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