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Dreamland Organics website

Dreamland Organics is an organic hemp flower production farm that follows strictly organic growing methods, including hand watering the plants with specially made compost teas. The farm prides itself on growing some of the best quality hemp flowers on the market. The growers focus on creating high levels of terpenes in all their crops, thus resulting in a beautifully aromatic harvest. With 20 years of experience behind them, the growers have been taking full advantage of growing on living soil on a farm that is located right next to a nature reserve.

As organic growers, DLO makes sure there are no chemicals or pesticides used on their crops. This results in handcrafted quality and 100% organic produce that is better in taste and better for the human body. The batches are small and kept that way to maintain the artisanal quality that the farm believes in producing. The flowers are hand-trimmed and slow dried. Curing is done in glass jars over 45 days. This results in craft hemp products that are high in flavor and potency. This, DLO claims, is the difference between industrial and craft hemp.

Top Products from Dreamland Organics

Their hemp flowers are by far the most popular products that they sell. The Epic Sunrise lives up to its name and turns out on top of the heap as the most popular strain for the DLO buyers. Right alongside are strains like Immortal, Dream Fuel, Green Dream, Eden, Lavender, and Sheeba. It is worth noticing that these are not the usual strains commonly grown and sold in the CBD market.

DLO also sells the trims or shakes of the flowers. Also called sugar leaf, these are trims taken close from the bud that have a good amount of CBD on them but aren’t as potent. They are often favored as a filler material for rolling joints.

The shop carries a few other select CBD products such as salves, MCT oil tinctures, hash, and some merch. The inventory is minimal and is focused on the craft quality that DLO is known for. The pre-rolls made using their popular flower strains are also quite popular, especially because they are made using only bud and no trim.

The tinctures and salves are all full spectrum CBD-based, meaning the production method leaves all terpenes and cannabinoids intact and included. This results in the ‘entourage effect’ that enhances and multiplies the effects of the main CBD through the compounding effects of other cannabinoids like CBG, CBA, etc., and various terpenes.

What People Are Saying

Dreamland Organics logoThere are only a few reviews on the popular products, and the rest haven’t received any reviews yet. However, the few reviews that are there are overwhelmingly positive. The customers have left glowing feedback for their favorite flowers, pre-rolls, and other products. The flowers have received the highest amount of attention in this regard, which is not surprising for a self-proclaimed craft hemp growing company.

Most users seem to be casual hemp consumers who are mostly looking for a nice aroma, good taste, and potent effects. DLO delivers in all these areas, and the reviews confirm this fact. Most of the reviews mention great taste and flavor and the potent effects. Users report feeling relaxed, calm, and clear-headed without feeling any of the unwanted heaviness or slowness.

Some connoisseurs have left more detailed reviews, talking about the complex layers of flavor and aroma in each strain. Many have mentioned their experience being the best they have had so far, supporting DLO’s claims of growing top-shelf hemp strains.

Dreamland Organics Coupons and Discounts

Dreamland Organics offers a range of ways to save and get discounts. There is a 15% discount on the first order when users sign up for the newsletter and free shipping on orders above $100 (which is a little higher than most other sellers). They also offer same-day delivery in NYC.

As is usual with most sellers, the newsletter that customers can sign up for delivers exclusive discounts and offers via email. There is also a referrals program where a member’s personal referral link can give a 10% discount to their friends, and if three friends make purchases, the member gets a $25 gift card. It is not the most generous referral program out there, but it is there to be grabbed.

DLO also offers an affiliate program for those who want to earn commissions for sending them buyers. The commission rate is a flat 10%.

Dreamland Organics Legal Compliance

All hemp flowers and products sold on the webshop on the DLO website conform to the federal standard of less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC concentration, as mandated by the 2018 farm bill. The company has clear and publicly accessible policy pages for privacy, shipping, refunds, and terms of service. There is also an FDA disclaimer that clarifies that none of the health claims are certified by the FDA.

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