FlowerChild Herbals CBD Hemp Flower Vendor Review

With over a decade of experience in the CBD market, FlowerChild Herbals is what you might call a premium CBD brand. Their products are made from carefully selected raw hemp flower that the brand processes into their wide selection of various CBD-infused products.

Imposing strict protocol for the selection, purchase, and processing of raw hemp flower, FlowerChild Herbals ensures that all of their products tout the same potency and effects across the board. And because they offer their oils in a variety of choices, you can be sure to get something to cater to your unique needs and preferences every time you pay them a visit.


FlowerChild Herbals CBD


FlowerChild Herbals CBD Review

For as elite as the company’s branding might seem, they don’t have a lot of information about them online. Reviews are scarce, and the brand doesn’t get a lot of exposure on Reddit which is pretty much the scene for anybody who’s anybody on the CBD market.

On the upside, they do have a bunch of socials that you can check out to find out more about their brand, their products, and what people have to say about them. Their Facebook is particularly active, with over 2,000 likes. With an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on their Facebook Page, FlowerChild generally gets positive reviews from their buyers.

If anything, the only complaints on their website point to different preferences. Some buyers didn’t like the taste of some of their CBD-infused products. Others claim that the products didn’t work for them, which could definitely be the result of distinct, individual tolerances.


FlowerChild Herbals CBD Product Line-Up

The first and most prominent product on the FlowerChild line-up would have to be their tinctures. Not only does the brand offer the ever iconic CBD oil, they also have their own version of CBG oil which has been slowly gaining popularity across the hemp market over the past couple of years.

Their CBD and CBG oils come in a number of different strengths, with 350mg being their mildest blend and their strongest clocking in 3000mg. They also offer the same CBD and CBG together in a single blend, as well as a sleep CBD formulation that works to improve sleep quality.

While they aren’t experimenting with flavors just yet, the FlowerChild brand does have a couple of oil blends that incorporate unique ingredients for added effects and taste. They offer a ginger and turmeric oil blend, as well as a peppermint blend that adds a touch of exciting, awakening flavor to their otherwise basic blends.

Right up next to their oils in terms of popularity would be their topicals. The brand offers their CBD Balm in two strengths namely 350mg and 1000mg. They also have a CBD and CBG Tattoo Balm that’s formulated for tattoo aftercare. For on the go use, they have a CBD and CBG roll on that makes application extra easy even when you’re out and about.

What really sets their range of topicals apart however is their inclusion of what they call a Sensual Lube and Moisturizer. It’s exactly what it sounds like, and it’s infused with CBD and CBG for added effect and enjoyment.

And finally, there are their smokables and pet products. Offering everything from pre-rolls, to raw hemp flower, and vape cartridges, the brand also provides CBD oil options for your pets in two different strengths.


FlowerChild Herbals CBD Hemp oil


FlowerChild Herbals CBD Pricing and Coupon Codes

Buyers looking to save on their next CBD purchase might find FlowerChild Herbal’s prices to be right up their alley. The brand sells their 350mg oils for just $30, which places each milligram at just $0.08. Naturally, their oils get cheaper by the milligram if you decide to buy a stronger blend.

If you’re interested in their balms, the brand sells their start at $26 per tub, but increase to as much as $90 a tub depending on the strength, blend, and aroma. It’s also worth mentioning that their Sensual Lube and Moisturizer starts at $10, and increases to a max of $30 depending on tub size.

Obviously, FlowerChild doesn’t have the cheapest stuff on the market. But they do make up for it with their range of discount offers. They have a 20% off coupon for buyers who subscribe to their newsletter, which also serves as their channel for sending out the news on their latest discounts and price cuts.

Other than that, the brand has a refer a friend program that earns you $20 of store credit when they successfully complete a transaction. Your friend on the other hand gets a $10 off coupon for accepting your invitation to try the brand, so it’s a win-win.


The Verdict on FlowerChild Herbals CBD

While there might not be a lot of information about FlowerChild Herbals CBD online, the details they provide through their website might be just enough to get you to make a purchase. Their selection, fair prices, and their interesting products have earned them a rightful place as the go-to for lots of CBD users out there.


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