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Mako Hemp Co. Review

Mako Hemp Co. is one of those brands that’s dedicated to making sure you know what you’re buying into. Right off the bat, their website serves up tons of information that you can use to your disposal, helping provide first-time buyers all the need-to-know, fast facts on hemp so no one is left in the dark about the benefits of the miracle herb.

As any other hemp emporium, Mako Hemp Co. offers a range of products from various brands across the hemp landscape. All of these products were carefully handpicked, guaranteeing proper quality to make sure their store is filled to the brim with nothing but quality canna-based products for your benefit. But should you patronize their humble venture? Discover here.


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About the Mako Hemp Co. Brand

Mako Hemp Co. stepped onto the scene with the dawn of the 2018 Farm Bill. The store knew full well that hemp products from various other brands with a dedication to premium quality were already overflowing on the hemp market. So instead of focusing on formulating their own canna-based options, the store pooled together the various other names in the industry to create a one-stop shop where buyers could get everything they need under one virtual roof.

But knowing that not all buyers were fully aware of what hemp was, Mako Hemp Co. made it a part of their duty to make sure their buyers were informed. And that’s why they also incorporate a wealth of information that’s intended to help refresh our collective idea of hemp and why it works as a supplement for health and wellness.


The Mako Hemp Co. Product Line-Up

Browse on through the Mako Hemp Co. product catalogue, and you’ll find six different categories. These include hemp flower, pet products, vapeables, edibles, topicals, and tinctures. And as expected, their hemp flower takes the cake as the bestselling product in their line-up. Comparatively, the Mako Hemp Co.’s raw hemp flower is slightly more expensive than others you’ll find. Starting at $12 per gram, their choices are up to double the price of other brands that sell the same cultivars.

Presently, the brand offers 12 different hemp strains, the most popular of which include CBG White, Kush E1, and Sour Space Candy. Purchases are available in denominations of 1 gram, 3.5 grams, or 7 grams. They also offer 1 gram pre-rolls that retail for as much as $12 per piece.

Other honorable mentions are their edibles which come in a wide variety of picks. Most of their edibles come from the Vivid CBD brand, and come in the form of peach ring gummies, CBD coffee, gummy bears, raspberry rings, agave syrup, and even CBD honey.

Other honorable mentions in their line-up include the potent broad spectrum dog tincture and their variety of e-liquids for vape use. Topicals are also in progress as the brand works to perfect their CBD balm formulations to finally make them available to the eager hemp buyer audience.


Website Layout and User Interface

One thing you can really appreciate about Mako Hemp Co.’s website is their attention to information dissemination. At every turn, the website offers a wealth of knowledge where you can learn more about hemp, its legality, and how it works for the human body. Needless to say, lots of buyers can earn a ton from their snippets of fast facts, which truly helps towards the end of reshaping our collective idea of hemp and its benefits.

Their FAQs page is booming with tons of important and pertinent information, giving buyers all the answers they need to fully understand what they’re spending their money on. But there is a peculiar thing you’ll discover as you scan through their product catalogue. As you click each product, they open in a new website all together.

The Mako Hemp Co. website isn’t exactly where the brand sells their products as every click brings you to a website called MySimpleCBD. Here’s you’ll find Mako Hemp Co.’s products along with all the other partner brands that it sells through the website. Nonetheless, the cyber storefront is equally easy to navigate, making it easy to shop options.

Another small detail worth mentioning is the fact that hemp flower is arranged not by strain but by weight. This makes it easier to find your pick, as you click your chosen product weight and then select the variety through the specific product page. With this simple system, it becomes easier to find strains without having to scan through pages upon pages of results.


mako hemp co


Discounts and Coupons for Mako Hemp Co.

Mako Hemp Co. isn’t big on discounts, but they aren’t void of them all together. The company is active on social media, offering discount vouchers every now and then through their social media posts. That said, it might be intuitive to follow their pages to get the latest news and updates on their offers and promotions.

While they don’t have a newsletter for you to join, they do let users open their own accounts on the My Simple CBD website. In some cases, registered buyers may be given exclusive discount offers and benefits for being a part of the website’s user database. Other than that, the best way to get a discount would be to check back at the site.


Shipping and Returns at Mako Hemp Co.

All orders will require at least 2 working days to be fully prepared and sent out. The company ships all domestic orders through USPS, so buyers hoping to find out their exact ETA should refer to the service to get a better estimate. For returns and refunds, the company requires that the buyer shoulder all shipping fees for the process.

Only some orders are eligible for returns and refunds. Perishable items and products which have been opened and partially consumed are no longer eligible for returns and refunds. The same goes for items that were purchased on sale. However in cases when the product might not be up to code, the store may be able to make special considerations. All return and refund requests should be placed within 30 days from the purchase date.

The best way to get a confirmation on whether or not you’re eligible for a return or refund would be to reach out to the store. Their staff are always ready to accommodate concerns, so it should be easy for you to get some assistance.


Should You Buy From Mako Hemp Co.?

mako hemp coMako Hemp Co. offers an extensive range of products including edibles and flowers that can help you find everything you need under one virtual roof. And although their prices might be a little steeper than what you’re used to, they do make up for it with quality and a seamless online shopping experience. Keep in mind though that you will have to be redirected to a different website all together – not that it takes away from the overall hitch-free ride.

Aside from their selection, there are other reasons why you might want to pay Mako Hemp Co. a visit. Their wealth of hemp-related information makes it easy to digest what the products are for and why they might be good for you. Needless to say, newbies to the wonderful world of hemp can definitely learn a thing or two through the information shared on the Mako Hemp Co. Website.



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