Legacy Farms Cannabis Vendor Review

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Determine to bring their buyers the best quality hemp flower in the East Coast, Legacy Farms is a brand that offers a range of strains in the form of hemp flower. Because they don’t sell hemp-derived products, they have become something of an icon among purists who only enjoy hemp in its rawest form.

They focus on producing five different strains which are designated into different grade levels. The higher grade hemp is considered more potent and flavorful, while the lower grade represents those that might not be as strong, but still worthy of your money.


Top Products from Legacy Farms

With five different strains for you to choose from, you might say that Legacy Farms has the upper hand when compared to most other providers that can only offer two to four strains at a time. Their range includes Special Sauce, Sour Space Candy, Lifter, Cherry Wine, and Elektra, which all bring unique flavors and experiences to the table.

Among their best are the first three mentioned – Special Sauce, Sour Space Candy, and Lifter – which all fall within their Grade A category. These strains demonstrate a far higher CBD concentration and bring with them a more distinct flavor profile that’s both hard hitting and pleasant.


What People Are Saying

Legacy Farms gives you a load of reasons to patronize them thanks to their no-nonsense operations that simply aim to bring you the best quality on the market. What buyers especially like is how they manage to truly describe the quality of their strains on their website. With a wealth of information on each strain and what it can do for you, Legacy Farms can help you make an informed choice even if you’re a first timer.

Visiting their physical dispensaries can also be a trip. Their personnel are friendly, reliable, and informative, enabling you to enjoy the shopping process while providing you a world’s worth of information to help you further understand your CBD experience.

Legacy Farms Cannabis

Legacy Farms Discounts and Coupons

Legacy Farms is a humble operation, so they’re not too big on discount offers and coupons. But you can save on their products by following and liking their social media pages where they post regularly to tell their buyers more about upcoming sales and promotional offers.

For those who are interested in buying their products in bulk, Legacy Farms also has a wholesale program that lets you get your hands on some of the best strains on the market a t deeply discounted prices.


Legacy Farms Cannabis review

Legacy Farms Legal Compliance


As a hemp distributor and wholesaler, Legacy Farms carries a responsibility to make sure that all of their buyers are given Farm Bill compliant strains. And they do meet those standards. All of their strains are tested in independent labs where they’re determined to fall within the designated THC levels. Once the hemp batches are cleared, they’re then sold to partners and to retail buyers. Legacy Farms guarantees the legality of all of their products, and ensures safe and legal purchase and sale across the entire country.


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