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Tweedle Farms CBD Hemp Flower Review

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One hemp farm that’s gained a lot of attention recently is Tweedle Farms. This Oregon-based company boasts the best high-CBD hemp flower in the biz…but just how accurate are these statements? Let’s take a closer look into Tweedle Farms’ history, product line, and services. By the time you finish this review, you should have a better sense of whether Tweedle Farms is a company you’d feel comfortable working with.


The Story Of Tweedle Farms

In 2016, two gardeners named Jason Evans and James Green joined forces to create the Oregon-based hemp farm known as Tweedle Farms. Located in the northwestern town of Jewell, Tweedle Farms is only about an hour’s drive from the center of Portland. The farm now measures about 10 acres and exclusively grows high-CBD strains of hemp for consumption.

Although Tweedle Farms had been in operation since 2016, the company really picked up steam last year. In 2018, hundreds of CBD users on Reddit and Hemp Bud Forum commented on the quality of Tweedle Farms’ products. This popularity resulted in a massive increase in sales and brand recognition throughout the USA.

Thanks to their newfound prosperity, Jason and James say they are already investing in many expansion projects to increase their supply. Just a few of these projects include more outdoor fields, a third greenhouse, and new irrigation systems. With all these new features, Tweedle Farms hopes to make their products more accessible to consumers year-round.


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What Does Tweedle Farms Offer Customers?

According to a recent interview, Tweedle Farms grew a total of eight high-CBD hemp strains in 2018. In addition to producing standards like AC/DC and Cherry Wine, Tweedle Farms is very interested in experimenting with unique hybrids. Don’t be surprised if you find a few novel strains appear on Tweedle Farms’ site from time to time. A few other strains Tweedle Farms has offered in the past include Suver Haze, Special Sauce, and Hawaiian Haze.

Note: not all of these strains are available at every time of year. You always have to check Tweedle Farms’ website to find out what’s currently in stock.

For those who can’t be bothered to roll up their hemp flower, Tweedle Farm also offers a few strains in convenient pre-rolled packs. A few of the strains now available as Tweedle Farm pre-rolls include Elektra, Otto Franklin, Lifter, and Kush. Pre-rolls are available in singles, five-packs, and four-count variety packs.

Lastly, customers who are interested in vaping can choose from a variety of vape cartridges and waxes. The current strains available in cartridge form include Gelato, Banana Kush, Jack Herer, and Girl Scout Cookies. As for the waxes, strains include OG Kush, AC/DC, Cherry Wine, and Girl Scout Cookies. Of course, people interested in dabbing CBD could also easily use these waxes in their dabbing rigs.


Tweedle Farms’ Shipping Policy

Tweedle Farms requires two business days to process all transactions. After these two days are up, it usually takes between five to seven business days to deliver a customer’s order.

All customers should receive a tracking number that can be used online once their order is filled. Although Tweedle Farms says it’s happy to answer any and all questions about orders, they ask customers to wait at least seven business days for a reply.

All of Tweedle Farms’ products are sent in cardboard boxes to avoid detection from authorities. To maintain freshness, Tweedle Farms vacuum seals their hemp flowers in Mylar bags that can be re-sealed. Each package also contains letters to law enforcement explaining what these hemp products are and authoritative lab results. You will have to pay a shipping fee unless your total purchase exceeds $45.

Currently, Tweedle Farms does not send packages outside of the USA. Please also keep in mind Tweedle Farms is not legally responsible for any products that are “stolen outside the customers’ address, lost in transit, not delivered, or seized.” Tweedle Farms also makes no guarantees about the legality of its products in your home state. If you have any questions about consuming CBD in your jurisdiction, Tweedle Farms advises you contact a local attorney who specializes in cannabis law.


Is Tweedle Farms Licensed To Grow Hemp? hemp flower in glass packagingYes, Tweedle Farms has a license to legally grow hemp in the State of Oregon. They are also licensed to handle and ship hemp outside of Oregon. Their hemp handler licenses can be viewed at this link.

Another question many people have about Tweedle Farms is whether or not their hemp is organically grown. On Tweedle Farms’ website, Jason and James say they breed all of their strains without the use of harsh chemicals like pesticides and insecticides. Unfortunately, Tweedle Farms still doesn’t have a USDA organic label, so customers have to trust the company’s word.


Need More Selection & Bulk Pricing?

Thanks to its recent online hype, Tweedle Farms will undoubtedly continue to grow in the ensuing years. There are, however, more experienced companies already in the CBD industry that can offer customers a greater selection of hemp-related goods and services.

People who want to work with a large, well-established hemp vendor should look into our company, Industrial Hemp Farms (IHF). Created in 2015, we are fully licensed by the State of Colorado to grow hemp on our 300-acre farm in Calhan. In addition to premium hemp flowers, hemp trim and pre-rolls, IHF offers highly refined CBD distillate oil, isolate powder, isolate crystals, and slabs. We also have a huge variety of feminized hemp seeds, hemp biomass, and hemp clones available on our website.

IHF is very proud to offer our clients special services such as same-day shipping, hemp futures contracts, hemp extraction, and Botanacor lab testing, just to name a few. So, whether you’re a grower or a consumer, you’ll find all your hemp needs in IHF’s catalog.


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