Cascadia Blooms CBD Hemp Flower Review

A Review of Cascadia Blooms – Are They Legit?

Based in Oregon state, Cascadia Blooms was started in 2017 with a single vision. And that was to solve problems in the agriculture and hemp flower industries. The company was founded by farming experts and tech entrepreneurs hoping to bring their CBD products to the public.

With a modest range of CBD hemp flower choices, Cascadia Blooms carefully grows and cultivates its strains to provide buyer’s premium quality. Their reasonable prices and bundle deals make them an attractive choice for buyers hoping to get the most while spending the least.

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Top Hemp Strains

Currently, the Cascadia Blooms selection can be limited at best. But despite that, their range of offers promise excellent quality to satisfy your need for cognitive and physical release. Some of their bestsellers include their Lifter cultivar – a deep purple strain that’s beloved for its sweet, berry notes and citrusy overtones.

Their Special Sauce CBD Hemp Tops are also especially popular. With its smaller flowers and rich resin coat, the unique cultivar opens up opportunities for at-home hemp flower processing. Aside from these, Cascadia Blooms also offers a handful of sampler bundles that combine their best strains into one, convenient package so you can find your perfect match.


What People Are Saying

Despite being fairly new to the market, Cascadia Blooms has been warmly welcomed by veteran hemp flower connoisseurs. Their strains have been described as smooth and pleasant, allowing just the right potency for whole body relief and relaxation.

One of the things that buyers love about the Cascadia Blooms service is that they only ship out hemp tops. These are parts of the plant that are taken only from the topmost branches, which promises premium quality from higher exposure to sunlight and more room to grow.

Cascadia Blooms only ships their products out via USPS 2-Day Shipping, and all packages are expertly secured and free from any escaping scents. Included in the packages are legal notices and lab results.

Sour Space Candy from Cascadia Blooms


Cascadia Blooms Discounts and Coupons

As a relatively new business, Cascadia Blooms has yet to devise too many discounts and promotional offers. However they have paired with other CBD flower resources to provide their buyers a first timer discount.

The best way to get a price cut on your next Cascadia Blooms purchase would be to visit their social media pages where they frequently post their latest offers. Their Twitter profile is especially helpful, letting you dig out a bunch of great discounts from their partners in the industry.


Cascadia Blooms’ Legal Compliance

Of course, no one wants to end up buying products from an illegal source. So Cascadia Blooms is careful to make sure that you get all the deets on their licenses and compliance to keep you worry free.

Each package is shipped out with the company’s legal sheet, detailing all the information you need to know about the growth, harvest, shipping, and intended use of their products.

Their website also offers a bunch of resources that you can read up on to find out more about their operations and quality control. On their page, they indicate that all of their products comply with the Oregon Department of Agriculture and US Federal limits for THC content of under 0.3%.


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