Plain Jane CBD Hemp Flower Vendor Review

Advertising itself as the best and most affordable CBD on the market, the Plain Jane brand doesn’t disappoint with their fair prices. But what really sets them apart is how ‘plain’ they make their strains to be. Their main objective with the cultivation of hemp flower is to make it as odorless as possible. They do this by removing the terpenes and toxins from their harvest to produce an odorless, almost tasteless substance.

While some would argue that taste is part of the CBD experience, the Plain Jane brand’s objective is to provide everyone an option. Their products were developed to be enjoyed just about anywhere that you would smoke a traditional cigarette, allowing a smoother, cleaner drag that doesn’t overwhelm the senses.


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Top Products from Plain Jane

Given the company’s objective, you’d suppose that their flagship products are cigarettes and pre-rolls, and that’s precisely the case. Their brand is best known for their tastefully prepared pre-rolls that use their premium hemp to give you that seamless, effortless smoking experience that doesn’t irritate or dominate.

Presently, the brand offers quite an extensive selection of cultivars. But there are some that shine a little brighter than the rest. Their best sellers include their Elektra, Stress Killer, Otto 2, and Wife strains that deliver exactly the results they promise consistently across different batches.


What People Are Saying

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Obviously, the Plain Jane brand has become rather prominent over the past few years, thanks to their positive performance in the market. But what really rings well with most of their patrons is the flavor and aroma of their cultivars. Nearly non-existent, the taste and flavors of their strains are especially subdued.

In this way, low tolerance users who might be overwhelmed with choices that really overpower the senses can find comfort in Plain Jane’s strains. Needless to say, they’ve managed to tap into an entire sub-market that doesn’t necessarily enjoy the typical CBD smoking experience, but still wants to reap its benefits.


Plain Jane Discounts and Coupons

So, what are the best ways to spend less when shopping online at Plain Jane? Well, for starters, the company offers free shipping on all U.S. orders that meet their minimum purchase requirement of just $30 USD. They also have a newsletter that buyers can sign up to and receive the latest updates, product launches, and sale information through email.

Currently, Plain Jane accepts wholesale purchases for those who want to resell their products. Their wholesale program imposes deep price cuts that make their affordable products even easier on the pocket.


Plain Jane Legal Compliance

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All of the products under the Plain Jane brand are made from legal, industrial hemp compliant with the 2014 Farm Bill. Carefully grown and third-party tested, all of their harvests are guaranteed to fall below the 0.3% THC limit imposed by the government. That said, all of their cultivars are safe for use and purchase throughout the entire United States. The brand also strongly urges all buyers to seek the advice of a health professional before attempting to incorporate their CBD products into their daily routine for any reason.


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