Earthy Now CBD Hemp Flower Vendor Review

With expansive farms located throughout North Carolina, Earthy Now produces some of the most potent hemp flower on the market. Their cultivars are carefully and expertly grown, using state of the art technology to guarantee quality across different batches. Presently, the brand doesn’t sell their products for retail, instead targeting partners that might need their product as a raw ingredient for hemp-derived products.

The company offers a wide variety of hemp flowers and can produce large amounts for the most demanding, large-scale clients. They also accept orders for processed forms of hemp, including edibles, capsules, pills, oils, and pre-rolls.


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Top Products from Earthy Now

If there’s one thing that Earthy Now is good at, it’s the production of premium hemp flower in large, bulk quantities. Its this premium quality hemp that they use to produce their processed hemp-derived products. They offer everything from oils, to gummy candies, to kief, and smokes.

While all of their products are worthy of praise, their good old fashioned hemp flowers are their bread and butter. Buyers also have the option to purchase the flowers in ready made packages, perfectly weighed and branded to cut the hassle and the effort. Needless to say, this complete service has won over the hearts of most retailers on the market, earning Earthy Now the trust of countless partners who want an easy, hassle-free experience.


What People Are Saying

As one of the most prominent suppliers for hemp flower and hemp-derived products, Earthy Now enjoys a lofty seat in the industry. Their buyers especially appreciate the quality of their hemp which demonstrates excellent consistency across batches. This can often be a problem with some hemp strains, giving buyers mixed feelings about products that can feel like a hit or miss.

Other than that, Earthy Now’s partners appreciate the kind of attention to detail that goes into the preparation of their products. Everything from the branding, to the information on the packages, to the weights and other minute details of processed hemp products on their line-up are taken into careful consideration, resulting to great products that require minimal effort from their partners.


Earthy Now Pre-Packaged Hemp Flower


Earthy Now Discounts and Coupons

As a wholesaler, Earthy Now doesn’t offer discounts and coupons for retail purchase. But partners can enjoy competitive and reasonable prices on their offers, especially for those who want to purchase the products in larger amounts. It’s worth knowing though that Earthy Now is also planning to open up their own retail store through their website. So eager buyers who want to take advantage of their introductory sale would be smart to visit their website regularly for more updates.


Earthy Now Legal Compliance

Does Earthy Now meet government guidelines on the growth, sale, and distribution on hemp products? Absolutely. The premier company teams up with the best experts in the field to guarantee the quality of the hemp they produce. All of their batches are sent to third party testing labs where the samples are examined closely for legal compliance. All of the reports for these tests are available for viewing on their website, where potential partners can learn more about the qualities of their hemp and their unique chemical composition.


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