Carolina Best Distribution CBD Vendor Review

With expansive farms spanning their own private plots in the heart of Carolina, Carolina Best Distribution boasts a wide selection of CBD hemp flower varieties that are processed and turned into a range of hemp-derived products. They work closely with two North American extraction labs that aim to process their hemp and turn it into highly concentrated CBD extracts for use in the production of their products.

Currently, Carolina Best Distribution works only with retailers who want to use their raw materials as the basis for their own branded products. That is, they don’t offer their formulations for retail, strictly providing raw materials for other companies hoping to sell premium CBD formulations to their audience.


Carolina Best Distribution Hemp Extract


Top Products from Carolina Best Distribution

Carolina Best Distribution offers both flowers and extracts for sale to their partners. They have five cultivars currently available for purchase, including Lifter, Hawaiian Haze, Sour Space Candy, Sweetened, and Carolina Best Cones. For interested partners, the brand offers the certificates of analysis for these strains available for viewing on their website.

Aside from their strains, Caroline Best Distribution also boasts their CBD Therapeutics. These expertly extracted CBD essences combine the powerful effects of 17 different cannabinoid profiles. The result is premium CBD for use in the manufacture of potent therapeutic products that target a range of nuances from mind to body.


What People Are Saying

There isn’t a lot of information on the partners that choose to work with Carolina Best Distribution because of the non-disclosure agreement shared between the brand and those who commission them for products and extracts. Nonetheless, we do know that Carolina Best Distribution impresses with their excellent extractions that maximize the benefits of CBD.

Other than that, their fair prices have won over the hearts and trust of a handful of partners. Lastly, Carolina Best Distribution also impresses partners with the easy, effortless process they put in place for those who choose to work with them. They can manage everything from growing the plant, to extracting the CBD, to manufacturing your products, and even branding, so you can sit back, relax, and watch your CBD empire unfold.


Carolina Best Distribution Discounts and Coupons

Because the products at Carolina Best Distribution are not available for retail, they don’t offer any discounts, sales, vouchers, or coupons. Instead, they provide their partners reasonable and fair prices to help them earn more when they reach the retail phase of their operations. Of course, the people at Carolina Best Distribution are not opposed to forging strong partnerships. So if you show your loyalty and maybe go out of your way to ask, they might offer you a discount or a few freebies through the duration of your partnership.


Carolina Best Distribution Hawaiian Haze


Carolina Best Distribution Legal Compliance

The brand operates its own hemp flower farms where they grow compliant plants that meet standards in the 2014 Farm Act. Their harvests are all sent to third party testing labs prior to extraction, ensuring that all strains fall below the 0.3% THC levels. For interested parties, all certificates of analysis for the available strains offered by the brand are ready for viewing on their website, where you’ll see a detailed breakdown of each strain’s chemical composition.


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