Joy Organics Vendor Review

Born out of founder Joy Smith’s personal and life-changing experience with CBD, Joy Organics’s mission is to craft premium organic CBD products with the finest ingredients. It aims to do this so others can experience the benefits of hemp-derived products. In addition, joy Organics was built with accessibility in mind after the founders realized the industry was quite difficult to navigate for many people. Because of this, Joy offers customers high-quality, premium CBD products with a focus on a positive customer experience.

Three years later, Joy Organics has become a leader in the CBD industry, setting the standards for manufacturing, testing, and quality. Its product development team works tirelessly developing new and improving existing formulas. They utilize state-of-the-art technology and source the finest ingredients to create products that have improved tens of thousands of lives across the country. Joy Organics recently became one of the first major CBD companies to introduce a line of USDA Certified Organic CBD tinctures and jarred salves and remains committed to crafting some of the highest quality products on the market.

Joy organic cbd vendor review

Joy Organics proudly displays compassion to not just its employees and customers but to the environment as well. Through carbon neutral shipping, use of recyclable materials, giveback initiatives, regenerative farming practices, and a commitment to sourcing organic whenever possible, it is attempting to lead the way in sustainability and leave the world a better place.

Top Products from Joy Organics

Joy Organics works tirelessly to provide its customers and partners with exciting new products. It is constantly working to improve its formulas to ensure it only uses the best available ingredients. Some of the premium products it offers to customers include CBD oil, isolate, lotion, tinctures softgel, gummies, all in original, moderate, and extra strength doses. You can also purchase CBD for your pets. Joy also offers CBD energy drinks, which is quite a unique product in the industry.

The company also offers a range of CBD bundles, which is perfect if you are new to CBD products and are just looking to dip your toes in. On top of that, the company offers specialized bundles as well.

These include the Mommy Bundle, featuring a bath bomb, gummies, and CBD cream; the On-the-Go Bundle, featuring gummies, an energy drink, and CBD cream; the Self Care Bundle, featuring a bath bomb, a salve stick, and CBD cream; and the Nighttime Bundle which includes a bath bomb and some CBD softgels.

What people are saying

Joy Organics seems to be one of the most popular vendors in the industry, based on several online reviews from various sources. Its customer base appears to be quite loyal, as many of them are return customers impressed by the high-quality products, environmental consciousness, and top-notch customer service.

Many reviewers actually state that the customer service is the main reason they keep coming back, with one person saying that the personalized service they received from Joy and her team was the best she’s ever experienced. According to these customers, it is clear that Joy and her staff genuinely care about the happiness and wellbeing of each and every customer.

The company also actively participates in charity work through its program Joy in Action, which is a partnership initiative with nonprofit organizations aimed at improving lives around the world. Joy and her team choose a new nonprofit each month to donate a portion of the company’s revenue to. This means that every Joy Organics product sold has a positive impact on another human. Customers have stated that this charity work is another reason they continue to return to Joy Organics for their CBD needs.

Joy Organics Direct Coupons and Discounts

Like many CBD vendors, Joy Organics will offer customers a 15% discount on their first order, redeemable by clicking the popup that appears when they visit the website.

Joy Organics also has a loyalty program for its regular customers. Anyone who signs up and purchases CBD products will earn loyalty points that can be used to purchase products. Members of the loyalty program also receive occasional exclusive discounts on CBD products.

The company also has a referral program, whereby customers can refer a friend and receive $15 every time one of their referrals makes a purchase. In addition, the person who was referred will also receive a voucher for 30% off, so everyone wins.

Joy Organics Legal Compliance

As a registered dispensary of CBD products, Joy Organics has a thorough understanding of current THC legislation and ensures that it keeps abreast of any changes to that legislation at both state and federal levels. This means that any products the company sells contain less than the legal limit of 0.3% THC, as per the 2018 Farm Bill.

Like any other CBD vendor, Joy Organics also offers lab-testing for all of its CBD products, meaning you will have peace of mind that you are only buying pure, safe, and legal CBD.