Black Tie CBD Hemp Flower Vendor Review

The Black Tie brand boasts supremely high-quality CBD products that they cultivate from seed, to store, to sale. This premium hemp flower brand has an extensive array of products for you to choose from, all of which are made from their carefully and expertly cultivated hemp. From raw flowers to processed oils and tinctures with the highest CBD concentrations, the Black Tie range of products was developed to provide maximum satisfaction.

Black Tie’s products exude a sense of class and sophistication, tapping in to a market that might be more interested in premier products that push the price range a little further. Of course, the brand makes up for it with quality, so you can be certain that every penny you spend is well worth the cost.


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Top Products from Black Tie

While all of the products in the Black Tie line-up boast supreme flavor and fragrance, there are a few that come out on top as their best sellers. Their most popular hemp strain is the ever iconic Blueberry Pie. With a sweet, fruity flavor and fragrance, this uplifting strain packs overwhelming flavor that hits all the right notes. For those in search of a truly meditative experience, the Amnesia Haze strain does exactly as its name implies.

Their full spectrum tinctures have also become a runaway success among their avid buyers. The high-CBD formulation can inspire strong effects with the smallest drop, letting you float away into relaxation within minutes of its use.


What People Are Saying

So, what does the brand’s buyers have to say about them and their products? Needless to say, countless threads on forums exalt the brand for their potent strains that pack flavor and effects in one convenient package. Their hemp strains make the differences between each cultivar easier to detect, unblurring the lines between variants and allowing you to distinguish each unique strain.

Aside from the excellent quality of each strain on the Black Tie line-up, buyers also appreciate how the brand remains thoughtful with their packaging. Each cultivar is contained in a nifty little reusable jar, doing away with the plastic zip lock bags that are impossible to reuse and tedious to recycle.


Black Tie CBD Review


Black Tie Discounts and Coupons

Visit the website and you’ll be greeted with an invitation to join their newsletter. The brand regularly sends out emails to update their subscribers on their latest deals, offers, and sales. Aside from that, all orders over $150 are eligible for free shipping nationwide.

But what really sets Black Tie apart is that they’re one of the few CBD retailers that has a loyalty program. Sign up for a member on their website and earn points for every purchase. Points can be used towards future purchases, and let you shave down the cost of products you buy later on.


Black Tie Legal Compliance

Black Tie CBD product

Black Tie takes pride in its line of excellent hemp products, and guarantees that all of their cultivars and hemp-derived formulations fall below the 0.3% THC. None of their products produce psychoactive or intoxicating effects, ensuring your safety whenever you decide to take a toke.

For the purpose of consistent quality, the brand enforces strict quality assurance protocol that involves sending their harvests to third party testers. With every purchase, you receive a summary of the testing report so you know exactly what to expect with the product you buy.


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