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An Honest Review of Eight Horses Hemp Flower

Eight Horses Hemp flower is one of many top-tier retailers that offers high-quality hemp grown on their very own farms. Their range of outdoor grown hemp flower is farmed on family-owned facilities that have been used to cultivate hemp for decades. They get their name from the fact that they keep horses on their farms, which help to guarantee the all-natural, organic status of their land since they wouldn’t want to hurt their animals with pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

Dividing their product into three distinct categories, the Eight Horses Hemp brand is focused on catering to all the different tiers of the hemp market. With premium quality flower, cost-effective smalls, and budget-conscious trims, the Eight Horses Hemp company strips away all the fancy bells and whistles to bring you a hemp selection that won’t confuse.


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About Eight Horses Hemp

Eight Horses Hemp is a hemp flower retailer that grows its own product on a family-owned farm. Recent updates from the brand owner however have disclosed that they have also partnered up with other farmers in the industry to try to expand their list of offerings. All of their flower is grown outdoors, and tout 100% all natural genetics without the stain of pesticides or growth hormones.

The Eight Horses Hemp brand focuses more on delivering quality raw hemp products to their buyers. So, you won’t find any edibles, tinctures, oils, or other post-processed canna-based products in their listings. Interestingly, you also won’t find any pre-rolls, leaving you with a range of options that spans just the raw flower categories.


Eight Horses Hemp Product Line-Up

Scan through their website, and you’ll find that there are three main product categories under the Eight Horses Hemp brand. These are their Hemp Flowers, Smalls, and Trim/Shake. Depending on your budget, the Eight Horses Hemp company offers raw hemp at various prices based on these three different categories.

Their Hemp Flower is the cream of the crop. Cultivated outdoors, dried, trimmed, and then tediously cured, these products are their flagship offers. Prices vary depending on the chemistry of the variety and the trimming process. Hand trimmed picks tend to cost a tad more than machine trimmed options. Some of their cheapest machine trimmed options cost as little as $5 per gram. Available denominations are 1g, 1/8oz, 1/4oz, 1/2oz, and 1oz. Buyers also have the option to purchase untrimmed hemp flower which is subject to availability per strain.

Smalls on the other hand are literally as their name suggests. The nugs are trimmed smaller than the average size, making them easier to manage. And because they’re taken from lower areas of the hemp plant, they come at a slightly more affordable cost. As opposed to the premium hemp flower that costs an average of $60 per ounce, smalls come at just a little more than half the price – $35.

Trim and Shake is their most affordable product. These are essentially the scraps left behind from the trimming machine. Certainly, they’re not quite top-shelf material, but for those looking for budget bud, the Trim and Shake option can be a sound choice. A pound of the product can cost as little as $60, but it helps to know that they don’t offer such a wide selection of strains under the category.


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Website Layout and User Interface

The Eight Horses Hemp website’s layout is attractive, to say the least. Their clean, minimalist design leverages clean, white backdrops and small amounts of text. Their home page makes it easy to find their latest discount offers, and enables users to navigate to their various product categories without having to dig too far.

Altogether, navigating the Eight Horses Hemp website is a breeze, and products are laid out neatly to make browsing easier and less confusing. What we did notice is that there isn’t an About Us page, so there’s not a lot of information about the brand itself on their site.


Discounts and Coupons for Eight Horses Hemp

If there’s one thing that has attracted buyers to the Eight Horses Hemp brand, its their discount offers. Right off the bat, the website makes it easy for you to locate their latest sale and promotional offers, helping you cut back on the total price you pay for your purchase.

A strip across the very top of the website’s home page showcases any on-going discount deals. For orders upwards of $65, buyers can enjoy free shipping which is a privilege that’s available all year round. New customers can take advantage of their first order promo that shaves off 20% from your order total. Veterans, disabled, and military buyers are also eligible for unique discounts upon presentation of valid ID. And as you might expect, signing up for their newsletter also gives access to exclusive sale offers and discounts, delivered straight to your email.

Finally, it’s important to point out that Eight Horses Hemp is one of the few brands that offers a loyalty program for their buyers. Their point system lets you accumulate points that convert to discount vouchers at certain values. Every dollar you spend earns you one point, creating an account earns 100 points, and visiting the website once a day earns 10 points. With 500 points, you earn a $5 off voucher, and with 1000 points, you can shave off $10.


Eight Horses Hemp Shipping and Returns

The company requires 2 working days to process all orders before being shipped out. USPS is the brand’s main shipping service, and all packages are shipped in boxes. The products themselves are contained in sealed mylar bags that are placed inside a sealed foodsaver bag. Tracking numbers are given out after the products are sent out. Included in the package is a lab report for the strain or strains you’ve purchased, as well as a notice to law enforcement. Any products that don’t make their way to you within a week of being shipped out can be refunded or replaced, depending on what you prefer.

The Eight Horses Hemp brand provides all purchases a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That means that if any of their products aren’t up to your standards, the company can refund your order with the exception of shipping fees. Do keep in mind however that in most cases, Eight Horses Hemp will require that you send back the unused portion of your purchase before granting your refund request.


Should You Buy from Eight Horses Hemp?

eight horses hempEight Horses Hemp makes raw hemp available to buyers of all financial backgrounds. Their intuitive product categories offer hemp under a broad range of prices, catering to connoisseurs, enthusiasts, and budget-conscious consumers. Of course, the obvious lack of other hemp-derived products like oils and edibles might also limit what you’d be able to purchase from the brand. Nonetheless, for those who enjoy unadulterated raw hemp, Eight Horses Hemp’s selection can be more than enough.


Another thing that might draw you in to their website is their extensive list of discount options. With their various promotional offers and their interesting loyalty program, the Eight Horses Hemp company might be a good choice for frequent buyers who want to earn something out of their loyalty.


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