Little Flower Hemp Company Vendor Review

With the beautiful San Juan Mountains of Colorado serving as the backdrop for this quaint family-owned organic hemp farm, Little Flower Hemp Co. makes it their obligation to top-tier products and excellent customer service. The company takes pride in their well thought-out offers – from the quality of their hemp, to the functionality of their reusable packaging.

Presently, the company offers products in two categories – for pets and for humans. They mostly focus on self-care products like facial masks, sprays, body sprays, cleansers, and salves to help you incorporate hemp into your daily life through means other than inhalation. Their pet offers include treats and oral hygiene sprays, to name a few.


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Top Products from Little Flower Hemp Co.

What makes the Little Flower Hemp Company a little unique compared to the usual hemp retailers is that they don’t actually sell the hemp flowers. Instead, they use what they grow to manufacture their own range of hemp products that include everything from edibles to self-care products. Some of their best sellers in their human products line-up include their Colorado Honey, infused with 225 mg of full spectrum whole plant hemp extract.

Their signature Share oral tincture is also a big hit among buyers. The potent formulation uses premium flowers to produce high-grade full-spectrum hemp extract for a variety of purposes. Of course, their skincare products are also widely popular, manufactured in small batches and packaged in beautiful, reusable, organic containers. For pets, they offer dog treats, an oral hygiene spray for dogs, and their distinct Share oral tincture for pets.


What People Are Saying

So what’s the general consensus on Little Flower Hemp Co.? Offering a range of products for both man and pet, the brand has earned a strong patronage because of its unique line of wares that let you enjoy hemp in more ways than one. They’re especially popular among users who don’t necessarily prefer the taste and experience of smoking hemp.

They’re prompt to ship, and are extra careful to make sure their products are properly wrapped in minimal plastic to guarantee their safety in transit. Buyers are also especially impressed by the time and thought that goes into their packaging which maximizes the use of glass, bamboo, and other reusable materials that don’t only improve aesthetic, but also minimize your carbon footprint.


Little Flower Hemp Company Discounts and Vouchers

Currently, the Little Flower Hemp Company lets you save up on shipping when you order over $120 USD worth of their products. If you’re interested in spending even less on your next purchase, you can sign up for the Little Flower Hemp Co. newsletter. They send emails on a routine schedule, updating their prospects of the latest discounts, offers, and products on their shop.


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Little Flower Hemp Co. Legal Compliance

All of the Little Flower Hemp Co. products meet legal standards for hemp products. Through their extraction process, they’re able to minimize the concentration of THC in their products, resulting to a potent CBD formulation that doesn’t induce any psychoactive side effects. On their website, they also indicate their general disclaimer indicating that none of the products have been approved by the FDA for the treatment, cure, or therapy of any illness or disease.


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