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The Green Nursery website

The Green Nursery is a multi vendor shop that stores high-quality CBD-based products from brands like Koi, One Sky Farms, cbdMD, NuLeaf Naturals, Green Roads, Lift, Not pot and many others who are well known in this space. The Green Nursery has its own brand of CBD products included in the mix, and these include various Hemp Flower strains, thus living up to their nursery name.

The company is dedicated to bringing quality hemp-derived products to the market and works towards disseminating accurate hemp information to lift the stigma of using the non-psychoactive hemp flower and its derivatives. It is not very forthcoming about the details of its inception. Instead, it chooses to focus on using its platform to talk about the multiple benefits of hemp, its recent history decriminalization through the 2018 Farm Bill, and the specific traits of certain popular strains.

The company maintains a blog where they publish articles related to the products they sell, like tincture oils and hemp flowers.

Top Products From The Green Nursery

The Green Nursery believes in curating the finest CBD products while also offering some of the best CBD flower strains from its own grow operations. Buyers seem to have chosen the tincture oils and the hemp flowers as their favorites.

Top on the list of bestsellers is the CBDistillery Full Spectrum Tincture, followed closely by a variety of hemp flowers. These include popular and well-known strains such as Suver Haze, Cherry Blossom, Sour Space, Hawaiian Haze, Bubba Kush, Jupiter Midwestern, and Lifter. Following close behind is a broad spectrum tincture from Koi Naturals. The hemp flowers are mostly sold by The Green Nursery with some organic varieties thrown into the mix, and there are a few strains that are marked as products of One Sky Farms.

Various tincture oils, CBD gummies, and CBD soft gels follow these popular options. The shop also sells Delta-8 THC-based products, which seem to have gained some popularity in recent times.

The shop also carries balms, salves, and other topical application CBD products made by companies like Koi and cbdMD. There is also a popular tincture oil for pets from CBDistillery.

Overall, it seems the hemp flowers attract most of the buyers to the shop.

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What People Are Saying

The tincture oils have hundreds of reviews that show mostly very happy customers who are enjoying the relaxing, calming, and pain-relieving qualities of these tincture oils. There are occasional reviews where the customer is unsatisfied, and the TGN customer service seems to have responded appropriately to address their grievances. This shows that the company is dedicated to maintaining prompt service and a high-quality customer experience.

Many customers also commented on how the oil helped them sleep better and enhanced their mood during the daytime. These are all common benefits of good CBD oil and reflect the effectiveness of the products.

The hemp flower reviews are fewer in number but are equally positive. Customers seem very satisfied with the taste, flavor, aroma, and overall effects of the flowers. In certain cases, customers reported that their packages were lost, and TGN replaced them immediately after confirming that they were indeed lost. This kind of prompt and customer-friendly service, along with high-quality products, seems to be the main draw for buyers coming to purchase CBD products from TGN.

The Green Nursery Coupons and Discounts

Like most other sellers, The Green Nursery has a welcome offer of 20% off on the first purchase of a new customer, and like most sellers, it asks that the customer signs up to the newsletter using their email in exchange for it. It is a good deal, though, because, like most companies, TGN sends advance notices to their customers through the newsletter whenever special discounts and sales are scheduled to begin.

The website has the option of sending gift certificates, which is not any kind of discount but worth mentioning because it is an uncommon feature.

The shop has a dedicated rewards system where points will accumulate with each purchase, and these points can then be spent to generate discount coupons. Site members also get a referral program option where a $5 coupon sent to a non-member who uses it also gives $5 to the sender. There’s also free shipping over $49.

The Green Nursery Legal Compliance

All products sold on The Green Nursery webshop conform to the 2018 Farm Bill. This means that these are legal hemp products with a Delta-9 THC concentration of less than 0.3%. This makes their products widely legal in the US and abroad.

All products have their respective third-party lab analysis certificates, but the link on each product doesn’t seem to work. The company responses to some of the feedback show that the certificates are available on request through the customer service email.

There are dedicated policy pages for shipping, returns, and an FDA disclaimer.

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