Zatural Vendor Review

Zatural, a CBD vendor located in Idaho, was started by a Nautropathic Doctor named MaryAnn Stranger. Her goal was to provide her patients with the best therapeutic natural products.

In the early ‘90s, Doctor Stranger went through what she calls a midlife crisis and decided to go back to school to study health and nutrition. She received her Naturopathic Doctor’s Degree in 1997, then began studying essential oils at Paciic Institute of Aromatherapy and became a certified Aromatherapist in 1998. She discovered CBD a short time later and realised that even though it was not a cure-all, it is a miracle. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and helping to bring relief to people from all walks of life.

zatural vendor review

Zatural sources its extensive list of products from trusted sources in the United States of America and around the world. Each product is organically grown and free from harmful chemicals and additives. Zatural products are tested by third parties to ensure that each and every one is 100% for its customers.

The company also employs knowledgeable customer service representatives who are ready to answer any question about its products. They are passionate about increasing the knowledge and learning of those who shop at Zatural.

The company prides itself on being able to deliver quality products to its customers that are made entirely for their benefit.

Top Products from Zatural

Zatural offers one of the largest, most extensive range of products in the industry. Among its products is the popular CBD full and broad spectrum oil range, which also includes CBD isolate and CBG oil. These products are also available in bundles, including the CBD Sample Pack and the CBD Subscription Box.

The company also offers a range of edibles, including the popular gummies and softgels. This range also includes less common CBD-infused honey and CBD-infused chocolate. Due to the rarity of these products, they have proven to be quite popular among customers of Zatural.

Like many CBD vendors, Zatural also offers CBD for pets. Interestingly, this is not limited to just dogs and cats like most companies. Zatural’s range of CBD for pets includes an equine range, indicating that it has identified a gap in the market for CBD for horses and has decided to fill it.

What People are Saying

Zatural certainly is not short on positive customer testimonials. One customer stated that she had tried many different CBD oils from many different vendors, some more well-known than Zatural, and she said that none came close to working for her like Zatural’s did.

One customer said the product helped with her daily aches and pains after just one month of use. In contrast, another said that buying CBD products from Zatural was always a pleasant experience because of the high-quality customer service. According to this customer, products from Zatural had changed the lives of both him and his family.

It is clear that Zatural holds up when looked at from a critical perspective, both in terms of quality of product and customer service. If there’s one thing we know, companies that do both of these things well will not have any trouble convincing customers to become repeat buyers.

Zatural Direct Coupons and Discounts

Zatural certainly seems to be one of the more generous companies when it comes to offering its customers discount codes. At the time of writing, the company offered a huge range of discounts on various products in its range.

These included 15% off CBD gum, 20% off softgels, 15% off selected CBD oils, 15% off avocado oil, 15% off hemp seed oil, and 30% off peppermint products as part of its Summer Sale. It also offers new customers 15% off their first order if they sign up to the company’s email list.

Zatural Legal Compliance

Zatural is a registered dispensary of CBD products, which means it makes every effort to maintain a thorough understanding of current THC legislation. This is how it keeps on top of any relevant changes to that legislation at both state and federal level, and in turn, provides its customers with up-to-date information. Zatural also ensures that any products it sells contain less than 0.3% THC, which is the legal limit federally. This limit was imposed in 2018 when the government passed the Farm Bill.

Like any other CBD vendor, Zatural also offers both in-house and third-party lab testing. This service includes a full chemical breakdown of all of its products, which helps give customers peace of mind that they are only buying pure, safe, and legal CBD. Zatural is passionate about educating its customers on the legalities surrounding the use of CBD products. Therefore it is constantly publishing blog posts and informational articles on its website that outline any relevant laws and regulations.

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