Happy Budz Hemp – A Complete Brand Review

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Happy Budz Hemp

Happy Budz Hemp is the lovechild of three “budz” with genuine care and interest in cannabis. They fell in love with their first toke of a hemp flower and knew the importance of high-quality smoke that delivers results. The company is founded based on high-quality hemp flowers at affordable prices. Spreading the love and knowledge of the positively amazing effects of Cannabis is Happy Budz’s goal.

Their products are from the best hemp, and they put their money where their mouth is. They only sell flowers they would consume, so you know it’s good. Happy Budz source products from other like-minded “budz.” The organic farming processes used by their partners result in beautiful flowers full of love, care and add to the mind-blowing calmness associated with their products.

Top Products from Happy Budz

The strain of the week is top on the Happy Budz website. The flower changes weekly, but you can see the white trichomes on the beautifully dense buds. The strains of the week are free from pesticides and heavy metals. The current bud, East coast lifter, is the perfect flower for keeping you mellow without slowing you down. The smell of sweet scents and funky aromas in addition to the Delta 9 THC give this flower an impressive 0.49% total terpenes.

They have a very extensive collection of sun-grown buds. The prices are great, and you will find sales of up to 50% off. All the flower offered has a great structure, and the nuggets are full of vibrant colors. The smells offered will be sure to have your mouth watering. You can get pre-rolled smokes that are fat and full luscious green flower ready for you to take a long smooth draw. The aftereffects will leave you feeling calm and prepared to deal with anything life throws at you.

If you prefer an edible to a cloud of smoke, then this dispensary has got you more choice for you. Their stunning collection of tinctures is great for any anxiety-inducing situation. The tinctures are ready for use and mixed with peppermint for a calming and immersive experience.

What People Are Saying

The buds on their site look beautiful and seem like they will provide pungent and fruity odors. Customer reviews confirm that the flower is high-quality. One customer even stated that the flower was of such high quality that they were immediately smacked in the face by the gorgeous aroma upon opening the bag. The flowers are excellent cuts. They trim well to remove excess stalks. Their site mentions you could see some seeds in your flower, but reviews show that they are absent from the product.

Previous customers routinely mention the product is great, and the flowers smell fruity with aromas of tropical fruit. The density and quality of the overall product have got customers flocking for more.

The pre-rolls look full, and they are ready to light up anywhere. The cost is pretty effective, so the company keeps true to its love of the bud and sharing the joy.

Happy Budz Hemp logo

Happy Budz Give Back and Rewards

Happy Budz takes a stance with their give-back program. They want everyone to have access to high-quality flowers to treat medical conditions like anxiety and epilepsy. They truly understand the various health benefits of CBD. They designed the program to help those who cannot afford their flower at full retail price. The application form on their website will allow you or someone you know to apply for financial assistance in getting naturally organic treatment for certain medical needs.

The simplicity of the form further exemplifies their dedication to the cause. You input your information and give a brief description of your current situation and hardships. The company will verify the review within a few days and get back to you. The give-back program alone makes Happy Budz worthy of your business.

If you’re not experiencing hardship, the company gives you Budz Bucks for each purchase you make on their website. The rewards program is legit and offers you 5budz bucks for each dollar you spend. Making referrals to the dispensary can land you mad discounts. For each new referral, you will get a ten-dollar coupon to use on the website. Your referral will get ten bucks, too, making this referral program one of the best.

They also have one more amazing perk! VIP text club sends discounts and product info direct to your phone. It’s the best way to learn about the new quality bud they offer.

Happy Budz Hemp Legal Compliance

Happy Budz Hemp takes quality seriously. Every single product they offer has a 3rd party lab test certificate included. In the lab report, you can see that each flower and pre-rolled smokes are within the legal limit of .03% or less Delta-9 THC.  They test the terpenes and potency with you, making the product reliable and quality. Their products are fire, and they share the results.

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