Wild CBD Hemp Flower Vendor Review

Every brand takes an angle — that’s just how you get your patronage. So to set themselves apart, America Juice Co., the company behind the Wild Hemp Flower brand, claims that they’re working towards a smoke-free world. And that’s why they put up Wild Hemp Flower CBD.

With their e-liquids taking front and center, Wild Hemp Flower is a safe haven for vape users who want an experience, and not just a product. They also offer an impressive range of other choices including oils, topicals, and even merchandise, to support all of your CBD needs.


Wild CBD Hemp


Wild Hemp Flower Reviews

If you’re looking for reviews, you don’t really have to search too far. The Wild Hemp Flower brand offers feedback for their products right there on their product pages, letting you read through buyer comments to help you make the right choice. The only downside however is that anyone can leave a review, so you can’t be sure which ones are telling the truth.

Another downside to their review system is that each submitted response will go through moderator approval. That means the brand can choose which reviews to post and which ones to trash, depending on the content they leave behind.

That said, if you’re looking for reliable reviews, there’s still no better place to find them other than Reddit. There are quite a few threads on the website that explore the Wild Hemp Flower product selection, and some of them provide some pretty good insight as to where the brand stands in terms of quality.

Unfortunately, images of their actual product, especially their pre-rolls, have got the internet buzzing. According to veteran hemp users, the Wild Hemp Flower pre-rolls contain nothing but shakes, which produces a rough drag, tons of smoking, and short-lived effects.

If you pay their Facebook page a visit, you’ll find that they have thousands of likes, and a wealth of positive reviews talking about quality and excellent customer service. However there are a few that go against the grain and talk about things like poor product quality and the inability to leave negative reviews on the brand’s website.


Wild Hemp Flower Product Line-Up

So, what exactly does Wild Hemp Flower offer? They have a wide selection of products that includes an interesting range of oils. Their CBD oils use broad spectrum extract and MCT oil to bring you all-natural goodness that’s specifically formulated for a variety of concerns.

Their blends include Calm, Sleep, Revive, Inspire, and Recover. The oils come in various flavors and strengths of either 500mg or 1000mg. Interestingly however, the brand doesn’t really tell you how the blends achieve the effects they’re supposed to produce.

If you take the time to check the formulation, all it says is that the oils contain broad spectrum oil, MCT oil, and selected natural and synthetic terpenes. That said, there’s no way to tell how the Calm blend should calm you, how Sleep would help with sleep, and so on.

Moving on to their topicals, the brand has just two different products under the category. These include their CBD Lotion with Copaiba, and their 150mg CBD Roller with Copaiba. The formulations are almost the same, and the blends work to relieve minor aches and discomforts or soothe certain skin conditions.

And then finally, there are the e-liquids and smokeables. Interestingly, the brand claims it’s their goal to create a ‘smoke-free world’ by offering vape products. Even then, they sell smokeables anyway which kind of contradicts their alleged mission and vision.

Although their vape products mostly get the thumbs up from most of their buyers, their smokeables prove to be their most problematic product. Their ‘Hempettes’ which are basically hemp cigarettes have gotten tons of flack online for poor flavor, low quality hemp, and horrible flavor.


Wild Hemp Flower Pricing and Coupon Codes

Sure, the brand gets a lot of criticism online for this and that, but you really can’t beat their prices. A 500mg CBD oil tincture sells for just $19.99, while their 1000mg blend goes for as low as $29.99. That places each milligram of CBD at a record low of just $0.02.

And while they might not be all-out when it comes to giving out discounts, they do have their fair share of coupon codes. For starters, you can subscribe to their newsletter to get updates and news sent straight to your email. The brand is also impressively active and responsive on social media where they post exclusive offers for followers.

Finally, the brand doesn’t impose shipping fees on any of the orders made through their website. That means you can buy as much or as little as you want without having to worry about doing the math at checkout.


Wild CBD


The Verdict on Wild Hemp Flower CBD

Sure, there might be a bunch of areas for improvement, but when you consider the entire picture, Wild Hemp Flower isn’t really all that bad. The brand offers a substantial range of products at incredibly low prices, making their selection attainable and accessible to buyers of all financial backgrounds.

If anything, you might just want to steer clear of their smokeables if you want to avoid buyer’s remorse. Based on reviews however, all of their other products seem to do just fine and turn out to be well worth every penny.


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