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Hemp Flower

Our CBD flower strains contain under 0.3% Δ THC. We sell hemp strains to suit every personality and budget. If you want to view our d8 flower click here.

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Sale Sov Fortified Bubba Kush
Sovereign Bubba CBD Hemp Flower
$4.99$500.00 Details
Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower
$9.99$119.99 Details
Early Blossom
$49.99$139.99 Details
Lifter CBD Flower
$9.99$119.99 Details
Peach Kush CBD Flower
$9.99$600.00 Details
Cake CBD Flower
$9.99$140.00 Details
White CBG Flower
$9.99$119.99 Details


Hemp Kush
$4.89$52.49 Details
Apple Jacks CBD Flower
$5.99$600.00 Details