Medhemporium: A Review of This Popular Vendor

As among the most reputable names offering medical grade hemp flower, the Medhemporium brand aims to provide its consumers with premium quality products that meet the State of Oregon’s Medical Marijuana standards. Their range of inhalable, ingestible medical grade hemp-derived products maintain focus on the benefits of hemp for wellness. Despite that, Medhemporium abides by the FDA’s stipulations, and does not advertise their products as a cure, treatment, management, or solution versus any known condition, illness, or disease.

With a range of products that focus on the various types of hemp flower available, Medhemporium’s selection makes it possible to appreciate raw hemp in all its different forms. But what really sets them apart is their dedication to the hemp selection process, aiming to include only the most carefully cultivated samples in their growing list of cannabis products.


medhemporium review


About Medhemporium

Medhemporium is an Oregon-based hemp retailer with a focus on delivering organically grown, hand-harvested hemp that’s worthy of a seat on the top shelf. The brand takes the angle of carefully grown, cultivated, and harvested hemp that promises premium effects and flavor. By partnering with boutique farmers on small, family owned property, Medhemporium is able to provide their buyers a meticulously cultivated selection that does away with the quelled quality of mass produced hemp.

All of their products undergo a tedious 8 week curing process that works to ensure the integrity not only of the bud itself, but also of the chemical composition therein. With zero pesticides, Medhemporium’s products are naturally grown, meticulously trimmed, and protected during packaging and transit to prevent the compression of the bud.

According to the brand, their ultimate goal is to make organic, healthy plant matter available to assist in optimizing health and wellness. They achieve this by taking extra precaution throughout the growing, trimming, and storing process to protect the concentration of the cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other chemical compounds found in their hemp products.


Medhemporium’s Product Line Up

Browse Medhemporium’s line-up and one thing should stick right out – most of their products are various types of hemp flower. Categorized based on how they’re processed post-harvest, the Medhemporium brand’s line-up covers a broad price spectrum. Choices that provide richer, purer cannabis chemistry are naturally more expensive, with their Natural Cola’s taking the cake in terms of cost.

With the least processing, the Natural Cola’s offered by Medhemporium are the richest in terms of terpene and cannabinoid content. These colas are taken straight from the hemp plant with no trimming whatsoever. They’re cured as they are, leaving you the task of trimming once the branch gets to your doorstep. In this way, the sample retains as much of its trichome content, with almost zero shakes in the bag. These can cost as much as $60 per ounce.

Their other hemp flower options include hand-trimmed which are manually trimmed from the mother plant, and hand trimmed fine which are harvested with the sharpest blades available. Most of these strains are available in denominations of 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1 ounce, and 1/4 or 1 pound. Prices start at $25 for the smallest samples.

Some other products in their line-up worth mentioning are their trims, popcorn, and sample packs. The trims are the cheapest in their spread, bringing you manually handled and processed trim product that’s easy on the pocket. Popcorn is one of their bestselling options, bringing you smaller nugs that are trimmed from the upper buds of their hemp plant. Then of course there are the sample packs that give you a variety of hemp cultivars to try in case you were stuck in a selection rut.


Medhemporium Web Layout and Ordering Process

Medhemporium’s website has some definite class. The minimalist design makes artistic photographs of hemp its centerpiece, with small snippets of text to give you just the information you need to navigate. Categories are neatly segregated into their respective labels to make browsing products easier and more intuitive. Scroll down a little further, and you’ll find one of their featured products with a wealth of photos and information to let you know more about what each unique product page might look like.

What really sets the Medhemporium website apart is its dedicated tab for lab test results. Unlike other brands that make you dig to find their hemp’s lab reports, and others that even require that you send an email to get a copy of the chemistry, Medhemporium makes everything transparent with their organized tab for lab tests. Here you’ll find all the various types of hemp they offer, and the detailed results for each strain.


medhemporium review


To make the buying process even easier for you, Medhemporium offers a broad range of articles that help consumers choose the ideal strain. Their CBD Education section serves up helpful content that can guide your decision and assist you in picking out the product that truly fits your needs.

Ordering through the website is relatively simple, allowing you to fill up your virtual shopping cart with items you’re interested in buying. Payment are accepted through all major credit cards, but Medhemporium also accepts staggered payments through ViaBill.


Medhemporium Discounts and Vouchers

Of course, we all want to snag a price cut, and Medhemporium makes that possible with their seasonal offers. The brand’s Bundle Deals let you choose from an array of eligible products that you can purchase together to get as much as 15% off of your purchase. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to get discount offers, giveaways promos, and sale information sent straight to your inbox.

Constant on the website is their Blow Out Sale category where the brand lumps together all of their clearance sale items. These products are priced significantly lower than the rest of those in their catalogue. Buying items from the Blow Out Sale segment automatically applies the discount to your cart with no need for vouchers or coupons. Discount offers can slash off prices by up to 20% off in their dedicated sale category.


Medhemporium Shipping and Returns

Medhemporium isn’t exactly the fastest when it comes to ship-out, requiring as much as 2 days to process and send out orders that are paid for with card. Other payment options will require as much as 3 working days prior to prep and ship-out. The brand ships all orders in boxes to maintain the integrity of the herb, as opposed to foil pouches and bubble bags that risk collapsing on the product.

Medhemporium uses USPS as their delivery service. Refunds are possible within 30 days of purchase. Returned items should be untampered in their original packaging to be eligible for a refund. Exchanges are applicable on items that are defective or damaged. For missing items, Medhemporium offers to send out the products to your listed address free of added charges.


medhemporium reviewMedhemporium – Should You Try Them?

Medhemporium sets itself apart through its careful selection of premium hemp flower. Their extensive range of products is meticulously curated to ensure that all hemp flower choices meet high standards. And by offering their buyers a wealth of options not only in variety but also in processing method, Medhemporium aims to expand the knowledge of its consumer base regarding top-shelf hemp.

Certainly, their long order preparation period can be a downside if you’re hoping to get your orders sooner. But for those willing to pay the added fee for priority shipping, then Medhemporium’s products might be worth a shot.



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