Wildflower Hemp Co Review

With emphasis on organic farming practices, Wildflower Hemp Co. aims to provide its buyers all-natural product that harms neither body nor Mother Nature. Their humble family-owned farm is home to their facilities, where the brand grows craft hemp that’s dried into hemp flower or processed into various other canna-based products.

Their extensive list of products is all grown and manufactured on their own farm. Each carefully formulated hemp-derived product is tested to match Farm Bill stipulations, guaranteeing safe use across its wide spread of available products and formulations.


wildflower hemp co


About Wildflower Hemp Co.

Located in Central Oregon, Wildflower Hemp Co. is a small, family-owned business. All of their hemp products are homegrown, cultivated and farmed by members of the family. With a farm area that’s just a little under one acre, the Wildflower Hemp Co. offers craft hemp that’s cultivated to maximize the flower instead of the hemp biomass. The result is rich, high-quality hemp with complex chemistry that’s ideal for extraction.

Maintaining their focus on natural products, Wildflower Hemp Co. enacts organic farming practices to help ensure the safety of their products. Without the use of pesticides, germicides, or growth hormones, all of their carefully cultivated hemp raw material meets Farm Bill standards while maximizing the potential cannabinoid content of the plant itself.


Products from Wildflower Hemp Co.

The Wildflower Hemp Co. website is home to various products across seven different categories. All of these products are taken and processed from their own farms, thus giving the company the ability to meticulously inspect each plant for standard compliance. Their main product categories include hemp flower, pre-rolls, topicals, concentrate, aroma therapy, tincture, and bulk.

Their hemp flower selection is relatively modest, offering just 11 different options. Nonetheless, they do mix things up with choices like trim and smalls. On average, hemp flower can cost $15 to $22 per 1/8 ounce, depending on the strain. Their most expensive is the CBG-rich The White which retails at $79.99 per ounce.

Other options include smalls which are relatively less significant in terms of size. For those on a budget, their trim can be a good choice. Available for as affordable as $24.99 per ounce, the option is composed of whatever is left behind after the plants are dried and trimmed.

Some other offerings in their line-up include their best-selling Rosin. The full spectrum oil incorporates no solvents, and comes in the form of a sticky resin like substance that’s used for dabbing. Other honorable mentions include their Shatter hemp concentrate, and their Natural Chill Cream.


Website Layout and User Interface

While there’s a lot to love with the images and visual candy that the Wildflower Hemp Co. brings through their bespoke hemp pictures and minimalist colorway, their website could use some improvement. In a lot of ways, browsing through could be cumbersome and tedious, especially if you’re on a desktop computer. Seemingly optimized for mobile visitors, the website’s images are blown up excessively, taking up too much of the screen.

The home page feels unnecessary and confusing. You’ll be greeted by two scrolling banners, both of which redirect you to their shop. At the bottom, a belt of posts from their Instagram page shows the latest updates from the brand, but doesn’t really do anything to relieve the cluttered look.

wildflower hemp co

Browsing through product categories can be a chore, especially because products like pre-rolls are lumped together with hemp flower, despite there being a separate category for pre-rolls. Upon clicking through to a product page, you’ll be greeted with a blown-up image of the product you’ve chosen. The supersized image takes up almost the entire screen if you’re on your computer, making it difficult to navigate through and read the information for the item.

As of writing, there’s also a bit of glitching. Sure, it doesn’t matter that images move around and error codes can be seen along the sidebars under certain product categories, but it would be nice to see a neatly coded, glitch-free site.


Discounts and Coupons for Wildflower Hemp Co.

Wildflower Hemp Co. isn’t exactly what you might call ‘big on discounts.’ Although you will find their latest discount offer plastered across the top of their product page in bright yellow font. First time buyers can take advantage of their introductory discount, offering 20% off on your first purchase with the brand. Interestingly enough however, they don’t offer a newsletter, unlike other brands that let you sign up for email alerts for their next sale offers and the like.

Occasionally, Wildflower Hemp Co. will update their inventory and slash down prices for sale items. Visiting their website frequently should help you guarantee that you’re not missing out on their latest offers and promotions. If you’re really interested in staying updated, it would be worthwhile to visit the brand’s Instagram page where they’re particularly active. Their social media pages see a lot of recent posts from the owners of the brand themselves, so these are great places to get the latest info on what’s cooking over at the headquarters.

Presently, Wildflower Hemp Co. accepts payments through Squarecash, Mastercard, and Visa. Certainly, it would be nice to see some other options available, like Paypal. Nonetheless, the available payment channels can be more than enough to cater to the majority of buyers.


Wildflower Hemp Co. Shipping and Returns

The Wildflower Hemp Co. fulfills all orders through USPS. While the brand aims to ship out all orders within one business day, there are certain instances when they might require as much as two days to complete your order preparation and ship out. Based on the company, it could take as much as 7 days before a buyer can receive their order after being handed to the USPS service.

All orders are packaged in mylar bags and boxes to protect the integrity of the item. Tracking numbers are sent to your email address promptly after your parcel is delivered to the USPS team. If in case you haven’t received a tracking number, then you are encouraged to reach out to the Wildflower Hemp Co. team to get assistance on locating your package.

As for returns and refunds, there’s no information on the site regarding whether or not the brand offers buyers the option to return, exchange, or refund their orders for reasons other than incomplete package, or defective or damaged items. Even then, you can reach out to the Wildflower Hemp Co. customer support team to dispute your items and discuss the possibility of a return or refund depending on your specific situation.


wildflower hemp co


Should You Buy from Wildflower Hemp Co.?

The Wildflower Hemp Co. brand shows a lot of promise in terms of the products that they offer. Their small farm and tight-knit workforce help to guarantee the quality of their product, bringing buyers craft hemp that’s cultivated with organic farming best-practices. Nonetheless, buying from the brand isn’t without a few hiccups here and there.

The biggest downside would have to be their website. With a copyright stamp that dates back to 2018, the buggy, poorly lay-outed site can be cumbersome to navigate through, and might need a well-deserved upgrade. Despite that, if you’re willing to suffer through the taxing navigation for the sake of organic, all-natural hemp and canna-based products, then it might be worth the chore.



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