Historical Remedy CBD Hemp Flower Vendor Review

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As one of the Founder’s Hemp family of brands, Historical Remedy is their subsidiary that’s focused on offering CBD products to support health and wellness. Their hemp-derived products range from tinctures, to supplements, to healing salves and more, all of which are intended to provide relief against a range of the many different physical and cognitive nuances of daily life.

The Historical Remedy brand has stockists all over the country – from chiropractors to pharmacies – offering their products to those who might need the extra support for optimal well-being. Of course, their wares are also available for purchase through their dedicated website where they offer their complete line-up for online transactions.


Top Products from Historical Remedy

The Historical Remedy line of products focuses more on the benefits of CBD flower for wellness and even healing, which is not necessarily a claim backed by the FDA. Nonetheless, the brand has earned quite a large following, with lots of buyers attesting to the efficacy of their products for overall wellness.

Some of their best products include the the Hemp Flower Extract in Peppermint Flavor which delivers potent effects with a single drop. The formulation boasts an all natural ingredient list and provides a pleasant taste without bitterness. Their Healing Salve is also especially prominent, providing relief against muscle tension by way of its powerful topical formulation.


What People Are Saying

The Historical Remedy collection of products has gained quite significant traction on the market, offering buyers reliable solutions against a range of daily nuances. What buyers like the most is that the products offer palpable relief over long periods of time. A single dosage can provide relaxing, uplifting results for extended hours. Plus, the products work fast to offer relief, requiring no more than a small amount to achieve effects significant enough for even the most pronounced discomfort.

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Historical Remedy Discounts and Coupons

To get the latest deals on the Historical Remedy products, you’d have to visit the Founder’s Hemp dedicated retail website – Here, they let you sign up for the company’s mailing list which grants you access to their latest promotional offers.

All orders over $100 are granted free shipping, but if you want to save even more, make sure you visit their website on all major holidays when they host regular clearance sales and seasonal promotions to help you spend less on your next purchase. Following them on social media might also help you find some exclusive deals you’re not likely to see anywhere else.


Historical Remedy Legal Compliance

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All of the hemp-derived products under the Historical Remedy brand use the hemp flowers grown by the Founder’s Hemp mother company. They cultivate their raw products at their own private farm, and all harvests are forwarded to third party labs where they’re tested for quality compliance.

Historical Remedy guarantees that all of their formulations are safe and legal, complying with the 0.3% THC limitation imposed by the 2014 Farm Bill on all business selling and producing hemp products. That said, every item on the Historical Remedy line-up is safe for use and legal to purchase across all 50 states.


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