Best Hemp Flower & CBD Affiliate Program

Best Hemp Flower & CBD Affiliate Program

CBD hemp flower is a booming industry both online and offline. By choosing this profitable niche, affiliates are securing themselves in an expanding industry segment of hemp and CBD. IHF is proud to announce its highest paying tiered affiliate program. This applies to all of our products including our 50+ hemp flower strains, bulk cannabinoids and CBD products

Hemp flower is unlike more established market segments like CBD. The competition is still low enough for most small internet marketers to compete and make lots of money. So, what are waiting for? Jump on the green gold rush now while there is still room.

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best cbd hemp affilliate program


Why Join our CBD Flower Affiliate Program?

If you are looking for a high-paying, high-converting premium CBD hemp flower and cannabinoid affiliate program, then look no further. With IHF LLC, we offer a sliding scale commission structure for all referred sales to our website.

Our program has a high conversion rate and we are well-trusted in the hemp and flower industry. Our premium flower is sold in retail and bulk amounts online with COAs, licensing information and testing documents publicly available. We also have some of the lowest prices of bulk isolate and distillate online.

These facts make us a superior choice for those looking for a hemp flower company to buy from. This means our affiliates boast a higher conversion rate with better yields on their payouts.


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IHF LLC Hemp Flower Pre-Roll Trim Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program Features


CBD Flower Affiliate Program Rules

  1. We do not encourage or condone any medical claims. Please respect these rules. Affiliates caught violating these rules may have their accounts flagged and possibly terminated permanently.
  2. No coupon sites. Unless approved IHF LLC.
  3. No spamming or shady link redirects. Advertising is OK if it meets the TOS of the advertising site and follows the rules of that site.
  4. Must have a valid URL.


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