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Delta-8 THC

About Industrial Hemp Farms Delta 8 THC

Industrial Hemp Farms Delta 8 THC is a potent substance of hemp extract with several wellness benefits. This extract can make various products, from capsules to sublingual oils.

We at Industrial Hemp Farms create our Delta 8 THC using only organically grown industrial hemp plants so that customers can be sure they’re getting a high-quality product without any synthetic additives or contaminants offering potentially harmful by-products.

plastic jar with indigo and white label that reads delta 8 atom bombs assorted there are atom bombs outside of the container
25mg Delta 8 Atom Bombs
$35.99$825.00 Details
the average cost of hemp pre roll joints
Delta 8 Hemp Pre-Rolls
$7.99$324.99 Details
Delta 8 Mints
Delta 8 Mints (5mg)
$15.00$29.99 Details
25mg Delta 8 Assorted Bears
$44.00$2,940.00 Details
Delta 8 Hemp Moon Rocks
Delta 8 Hemp Moon Rocks
$20.00$300.00 Details