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Finger Lakes Cannabis Flower Review

The Finger Lakes Cannabis brand – as their name suggests – is nestled in the Finger Lakes region of Central New York. With homegrown products that are cultivated to demonstrate the all natural benefits of hemp in an unadulterated package. They’ve been in the business for close to 3 years, and have since established their name as a reputable source for natural, raw hemp flower, oils, and topical products.

While they’re relatively new to the market, their products have caught the attention of the eager hemp market. The only question now is – should you spend your money of Finger Lakes’ products? Find out with this complete vendor review.


About Finger Lakes Cannabis

finger lakes hempFinger Lakes Cannabis started out like any other humble hemp brand. The company was founded on the idea of sharing the benefits of hemp to those who might need it most. After discovering the soothing effects of the miracle herb themselves, the owners of the brand sought out reliable farmers who shared the same vision of providing buyers with all-natural, untampered hemp chemistry that was founded on the rules of Mother Nature.

Having been around since 2017, Finger Lakes was hot on the heels of the 2018 Farm Bill. This gave the brand the leverage to take advantage of the ever changing laws surrounding hemp, earning them a strategic position in the market against other hot competitors offering the same range of products.


Products from Finger Lakes Cannabis

As any other brand in the hemp industry, Finger Lakes focuses mainly on the provision of quality hemp flower. Their selection includes 12 different varieties of flower, some of which are exceedingly affordable. Their bestselling flower includes Suver Haze, Hope, and Sissy Q. Prices are highly variable with whole flower starting at $5 per gram. Their smalls are a notable favorite among their buyers, with some strains retailing for as little as $2.25 per gram.

For buyers who aren’t entirely sure what strains they want, the brand offers a 9 strain sample pack in 1 gram, 3.5 gram, and 7 gram variants. These bundles give you 9 different strains in equal amounts, and will typically cost less than if you were to buy each strain separately.

Some other products in their line-up include their full spectrum oils. Their medical grade oil comes in 1000mg and 2000mg variations. Sizes are available as either 15mL or 30mL vials. Of course, they also offer the broad spectrum oil which does away with THC. For those looking for products that can be used in other ways, their topical formulations might be a viable choice. These include topical and oral CBD oil spray, and an Emu Oil infused topical salve which as of writing, is on sale and is being discontinued.


Website Layout and User Interface

finger lakes hempWhat you can tell from the Finger Lakes Cannabis website is that they’re not fully invested in brand identity quite yet. The basic website is utilitarian at best, stripped of all the fancy bells and whistles that might entice a visually stimulated hemp-head. The home page nonetheless is neat and tidy, showing a little information about the ideas behind the brand. Scroll a little further down, and the site shows a few product categories in the line-up. And at the very bottom are contact details and links to the brand’s social media pages.

One thing that really sticks out is the fact that the website doesn’t offer any resources that can help you learn more about the brand or their policies. There are no FAQs pages, no shipping and returns information, and no About Us page that can make it difficult for the meticulous hemp buyer to perform due diligence.

All of that said however, the Finger Lakes Cannabis brand does offer a straightforward product list that’s easy to navigate and explore. Choices are neatly sorted into categories, and the appropriately sized thumbnails makes it easy to scan through all of your options at once. What you might notice however is that lab test results are listed on a separate page, with all the sheet scans arranged in a single column. So if you wanted to read up about a specific flower, you’d have to scan through each sheet to find what you’re looking for.


Discounts and Coupons on Finger Lakes Cannabis

As of writing, landing on the homepage greets you with a massive 15% off offer that doesn’t really tell you who’s eligible or not. The sitewide discount is offered to buyers, both new and old, and shaves off 15% on orders without any minimum spend required. Naturally, joining the company’s mailing list also opens up the doors to new discount offers. Punching in your email address gives you access to exclusive promotional offers and sale information delivered straight to your inbox.

Other than that, there’s really no other way to find out when the next big sale is than by visiting their website. They also label sale items in their product line-up, albeit lacking a sale section in their categories. So you’d have to scan through each and every category to find the items that are tagged on sale.

For those who are really interested in getting the best discount offers and deals, it might be best to follow the brand on their social media pages. Their Instagram and Facebook pages are all great places to source the latest information on what the brand’s cooking up for its buyers.


Shipping and Returns at Finger Lakes Cannabis

finger lakes hempThere’s no information on the shipping process that the company uses to prepare and send out orders. They don’t indicate how much time it takes for orders to be prepped and shipped out from the date of placement, and they don’t indicate how many days it takes to arrive at your doorstep. What we do know is that the brand uses USPS as their main shipping service, so you can rely on the USPS estimations if you’re thinking about how long it would take to get to you.

Standard practice among other brands calls for 2 business days for order preparation and ship out. As for the returns, refunds, and exchanges, we can assume that Finger Lakes will grant the request as long as it was their mistake. Damaged, defective, incomplete, or wrong orders should be replaced or refunded, but when it comes to other reasons for returns, we can’t really say whether the brand will accommodate. Nonetheless, there’s no harm in reaching out to them to learn more about their refund policy.


Should You Buy From Finger Lakes Cannabis?

That really depends on what you’re looking for. Buyers interested in ultra affordable hemp flower can find deals on Finger Lakes for as low as $2.25 per gram. But of course, there’s more to making a choice than just their prices. The Finger Lakes brand for the most part lacks any information that might help a buyer perform the necessary due diligence before taking that leap.

So it’s really hard to make a decision if you’re keen on learning about the specifics of a brand. And because there isn’t a lot of information on whether or not they offer a guarantee, buying any products also means that you might not get a refund in case you’re not satisfied.


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