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Sunset Lake CBD website

Sunset Lake Craft CBD is a family-owned farm that believes in delivering farm-to-table CBD flowers and products while following fair wage practices and building a happy community around the farm. The outfit is brand new, with just two harvests completed, but the farm has been around for some time and has been dedicated to dairy as a part of the Caring Dairy Program.

After the farm diversified into producing hemp, they sought out the help of their friends and then the entire community that surrounded them to scale up to a commercially viable size. The core team of 8 are proudly displayed on the company website, and even the accounts person doubles as farm crew, showing the solidarity and team spirit that the farm operates on.

The website also includes a video where the founder talks passionately about the project, and most of the members make an appearance, all the while showing off the farm in all its green glory. All of this underscores the openness of the company and its team and their eagerness to share what they love with the world.

All their produce is grown completely free of chemicals in a fully organic manner.

Top Products from Sunset Lake Craft CBD

Sunset lake has all the usual suspects that you can expect from a CBD store, such as hemp flowers, tinctures, kief, pre-rolls, and topicals. What is unusual is their offering of CBD coffee. They have combined dark roasted coffee with their farm-grown full-spectrum CBD. The result is a caffeine kick with the calmness and euphoria of CBD, definitely worth testing out. It comes from Guatemala and Costa Rica origins and is Rainforest certified, showing that the company cares about the environment.

In the hemp flowers category, the Suver Haze and Lifter Hemp strains seem to be the most popular, especially the smalls (mini buds) because of the cheaper price by the ounce. Also popular are the Suver Haze Kief, Hawaiian Haze, and Cherry Abacus flowers.

20.4% CBD Kief blunts, Hawaiian Haze pre-rolls, and Lifter pre-rolls make up the popular items in the pre-rolls category. In the topicals, the CBD salve seems to be the all-out winner. Sunset Lake also sells Pet tincture oil and CBD dog treats.

There are also bundles like the pet or the bedtime bundle based on a common theme. The CBD gummies are the most popular in the edibles section, with the coffee falling back in second place.

Sunset Lake CBD Logo

What People Are Saying

The edibles like the gummies and the coffee are a major hit with the customers. The gummies are appreciated for their flavor and the calming effects of the CBD. Many use it while traveling and for helping with getting to sleep. The coffee is appreciated for its taste and the calming effect of the CBD, which balances out caffeine jitters. The overall effect is a pleasant sense of calmness and a boost in energy.

The tinctures also have overwhelmingly positive reviews, with additional praise for the fast delivery in some reviews. Customers love the potency of the oils and how it helps them calm down and relax in various situations, as well as helping them fall asleep. A lot of people say they use it for chronic pain and muscle stiffness with good results.

The hemp flowers have a wide market, with users familiar with the unique effects that each strain can be expected to have. Some being Indica dominant and others being Sativa dominant, the customers have left positive reviews based on how they expected the strain to perform. In almost all cases, the reviews expressed complete satisfaction with the products.

Sunset Lake seems prompt at responding to problems and suggestions, showing fast and friendly customer service. There is also an active social media account where the customers can join a growing community of like-minded people.

Sunset Lake CBD Coupons and Discounts

The webshop has seasonal offers like a 50% off end-of-summer sale on flower and kief. Some of the products also have individual sale offers at times. There is a subscription service for those who want to purchase at regular intervals and save 25% while doing it.

There is also the option to sign up for the newsletter and receive discounts and special deals exclusive to the newsletter email.

Apart from these offers, there are no special discounts or rewards programs on offer.

Sunset Lake CBD Legal Compliance

All of Sunset Lake’s CBD products follow the 2018 Farm Bill directives and sell only products and flowers with a Delta-9 THC concentration of less than 0.3%. Every product they sell has its accompanying third-party lab analysis certification, and this is renewed for every new harvest and every new batch of products they produce. These are publicly accessible on a dedicated section on the website.

Their policy pages for privacy, shipping, etc., are easily accessible through their footer navigation.

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