Myrtle Creek Naturals Vendor Review


Myrtle Creek Naturals logo Myrtle Creek Naturals is a humble, family-owned brand in the heart of Oregon. They grow their own strains of a variety of CBD hemp flower choices, and distribute their products across a number of different retailers. Presently, Myrtle Creek Naturals doesn’t have a dedicated website to sell their products on. But they are available through various other re-sellers online.

The Myrtle Creek Brand takes pride in its wide assortment of CBD hemp flower strains that offer something for everyone. From energetic sativa dominant strains, to meditative indica choices, their line-up covers every preference. They also sell their hemp flower products in bulk to companies seeking to mass produce other forms of CBD like oils, tinctures, and self-care products.


Top Products from Myrtle Creek Naturals

Their premium strains are popular across the board, receiving rave reviews from thousands of buyers from all over the USA. But some of their best strains include Special Sauce, which is almost always sold out through its partner vendors. The cultivar offers a strong, flavorful experience that rings well across different types of tongues and preferences, making it hit among buyers of all backgrounds.

Some other strains worthy of note include ACDC which boasts one of the highest CBD concentrations to date, and their Berry Exotic cultivar that truly encapsulates the distinct flavor of the iconic strain.


What People Are Saying

Myrtle Creek Naturals doesn’t really do a lot when it comes to marketing their brand. In fact, do a quick search and you’re not likely to find a lot of information on the company. Nonetheless, they do let their products speak for themselves, building a positive reputation on the market through their hemp flower alone.

What most buyers love about their hemp is that they deliver what you would expect. Myrtle Creek Naturals handles some of the most popular cultivars currently known, so falling short of how people have come to know these prominent varieties is something they strive to avoid. Needless to say, they do succeed, perfectly cultivating hemp flowers that capture the iconic taste and effects of some of the most beloved strains on the market.

Myrtle Creek Naturals logo premium flower

Myrtle Creek Discounts and Coupons

Because Myrtle Creek Naturals itself doesn’t have a website or even social media pages, the brand does not directly offer discounts and promotional sales. Instead, you’d have to check their partner retailers to find the latest price cuts on their products. They’re available through a number of online sellers, including E-Liquid Master and Herbal Salvation, to name a few.


Myrtle Creek Legal Compliance

Myrtle Creek Naturals products

All of the products under the Myrtle Creek Naturals brand are carefully cultivated on registered farms in Oregon. Each harvest is brought to a third-party laboratory where they’re tested for both quality and legal compliance. That being said, you can rest assured that all of Myrtle Creek Naturals products abide by the stipulations in the 2014 Farm Act, including THC levels of less than 0.3%.

Myrtle Creek Naturals also does not endorse the use of their products for the treatment of any disease or medical condition, urging all buyers to seek the attention of a medical professional before using their products for medicinal purposes.


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