An Honest Review of Dr Ganja Hemp Flower

Dr. Ganja is known as one of the most extensive hemp products emporiums presently on the market. Their extensive array of carefully curtailed formulations and wares come from over 50 different brands, and their categories span the entire selection of hemp and hemp-derived products known to man.

With a prominent reputation across the hemp consumer base, the Dr. Ganja brand is one that has piqued the interest of countless buyers from across the country – and beyond. The question is – are they really all they’re chalked up to be? Find out with this comprehensive Dr. Ganja review.


About Dr. Ganja

dr ganja reviewFounded in 2009, the Dr. Ganja brand was first established to cater to medical marijuana users. Their initial goal was to make the process of accessing the substance easy, quick, and hassle-free for all of those with a physician’s prescription. And to achieve that, they set out in search of a doctor who would assess their clients and determine whether or not cannabis would be a beneficial part of their treatment.

They soon partnered up with a doctor by the name of Vlad Nusinovich, and together they built up a client base of medical marijuana users who they could cater to with their fast, hitch-free solution.

But more than just their retail front, Dr. Ganja has also dabbled in the manufacturing of hemp itself. Their Grow Setup service helps budding business owners and established companies develop their very own hemp farming facilities. The unique service teaches eager hemp businesses how to grow, how to feed, how to harvest, and everything in between.

Presently, Dr. Ganja offers products from a range of other brands, as well as their own. Their range of home-grown Dr. Ganja brand products include hemp flower, CBD oil, and skincare products, and even apparel to name a few.

Dr. Ganja Hemp Flower Review

Dr. Ganja sells their hemp flower choices under the name Dr. Ganja Cultivar Partner which is available on their website under its own brand tab. Their extensive selection of raw hemp flower exceeds many other brands’ collections, offering 31 different varieties of hemp flower all under one brand. Comparing this to the common scarce selection that other hemp flower retailers offer, it’s easy to see that Dr. Ganja brings a wider spread to the table.

Hemp flower can be as affordable as $10 per gram, with some strains being offered at denominations up to 2 ounces. Some of their bestsellers include Sour Space Candy, Elektra, Pineberry, and Otto. For those in search of a bargain, the brand also offers trim and shakes at prices as low as $25 per ounce.

Dr. Ganja’s hemp flower selection can also be purchased in the form of pre-rolls and flower cones. All of their present options contain the hemp cultivar Juicy Fruit, rolled up in flavored wrap. Three options include blueberry, strawberry, and natural.


Other Products on Dr. Ganja

It was in 2017 that Dr. Ganja entered cyberspace to establish their own e-commerce website. Today, their site is home to a diverse databse of canna-based products, all sourced from some of the best known hemp brands presently available. Their range covers everything from health products, to skincare, edibles, pet care, and more.

Notable brands available through the Dr. Ganja platform include Select CBD, CBD distillery, and Secret Nature, all of which have established themselves as formidable contenders in the hemp-products industry.

For the safety and benefit of their buyers, Dr. Ganja stands by their guarantee to provide quality products that pass through the strictest of manufacturing standards. So aside from carefully curtailing the products introduced into their marketplace, the Dr. Ganja brand also carefully considered third party lab test results.

As one of the brands that spearheaded third party lab testing for CBD hemp flower, Dr. Ganja offers brand-name products that are guaranteed to past strict chemistry standards. All of their offers fall below the Farm Bill’s stipulations on THC, measuring at just 0.3% THC or less as per the standards set by the law.


Dr. Ganja Website Layout and Order Process

Step onto the Dr. Ganja website and the first thing you’ll notice is that it’s not exactly the neatest marketplace. The utilitarian website layout brandishes a bunch of featured products splayed across the front page with no rhyme or reason. If you’re on mobile, the products are presented in a long list, which might make scanning through your options a little tedious.

Just underneath the website banner are tabs that categorize their products according to application. A dedicated tab for brands serves you three long lists of brand names, in case you were looking for a specific provider. Naturally, all of the help links such as their contact page and FAQs sheet are listed close to the end of the page. At the very bottom, medical and FDA disclaimers help guide buyers on the nature and purpose of the products on the site.

Despite a rather cluttered layout, ordering remains straightforward. Simply choose your desired product, select a variation if applicable, and then add the item to your cart. Coupon codes can be applied right before checking out, helping you save on the variety of products that they offer.

Discount vouchers are seasonal, but are typically displayed across the banner so you can snag a deal without having to dig too deep. It’s also worth mentioning that their discount offers aren’t always the same on mobile and on desktop. Make sure you check both if you’re hoping to get a price cut.


dr ganja reviewDr. Ganja Shipping and Returns Review

One of the cornerstones of the Dr. Ganja brand is their dedication to fast delivery. That said, the company is keen on shipping orders within 24 hours after placement, but that depends on the day that you submit your order. Many patrons recommend placing your order on a weekday, since those submitted on weekends might be subject to minor delays.

The company aims to have all orders shipped out and received by their corresponding buyers within 2 to 6 days from order placement. All of their packages are sent out through USPS standard shipping, however they also accommodate requests for priority shipping for an added fee. This expedites the process and gets your package to you within 1 to 4 days from order placement.

As of writing, Dr. Ganja can ship their products to various other overseas countries through their international shipping offer. For overseas buyers, packages are prepared and shipped in 2 to 4 business days and may arrive 7 to 21 days after shipment. The service is available to the following countries:

Tracking numbers are sent through e-mail so you can trace the location of your package through their dedicated Shipping page. Dr. Ganja also promises to protect your privacy by ensuring secure, discreet packaging that keeps the contents of your parcel strictly contained.

If for any reason, your purchased products just don’t meet expectations, the Dr. Ganj brand does accept returns. Do note however that not all products are eligible for returns. For consumables, it’s required that the product should be in its original, unopened packaging. Returns can take up to 30 days after the returned item is received at the Dr. Ganja office.


dr ganja reviewDr. Ganja Review – Should You Give Them a Try?

That depends on what you’re looking for. What sets the Dr. Ganja brand apart is their extensive selection of products that brings together all the various canna-based products to you through one retailer. Although their website could use some layouting improvement, their quick deliveries and high-quality products can be good enough reason to give the brand a try.



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