Avid Hemp Vendor Review

Avid Hemp’s founders have been supporting CBD-related research for over 2 decades. Once the climate surrounding the legality of CBD flower shifted to make it legal across all 50 states, they leaped at the opportunity and opened up their own retail service for CBD and hemp-derived products. So in 2017, Avid Hemp was born.

Although they don’t offer hemp from seed to sale, they do partner up with premier growers and cultivators to source the highest quality hemp available. Their fairly priced products range from tinctures, to oils, to self-care products, and even pet care products, giving you a range of options all available under one complete retail brand.


Top Products from Avid Hemp

Avid Hemp uses high-CBD extracts to produce a range of different products that promote wellness in all aspects of life. Their CBD capsules are of special interest to their buyers, with strengths of up to 2,000mg per capsule. Just pop one and experience the benefits of CBD for extended hours. For a little more fun, their CBD gummies also hit the spot, offering potent benefits in a sweet treat package.

If you were hoping to relax with CBD, Avid Hemp offers a powerful CBD massage oil in their list of available products. Other products like tinctures and teas also offer buyers a range of fun ways to incorporate CBD in their daily life.

What People Are Saying

Avid Hemp has gained quite some popularity in the hemp flower market, and for a few good reasons. Their line-up is one of the most potent available, letting you experience the full impact of CBD with the smallest amount of product. Their products all go through strict quality control which really shines through when you give their formulations a try.

All products are manufactured in their own labs and go through rigorous testing to ensure consistency across batches. So people really like that you get the same results regardless of whether you’re buying a product today or several months from now.


Avid Hemp Discounts and Coupons

Avid Hemp strives to put out the best quality products to help you maximize your money’s worth. Presently, they don’t offer too many discount offers like free shipping or welcome offers, and neither do they have a newsletter. But they do have a distributorship and wholesaler program.

Apply for the program and if you get approved, you can purchase their goods at deeply discounted prices for resale. Of course, Avid Hemp also hosts the occasional inventory sale to refresh their stocks, so it pays to revisit their website and their social media pages to stay in the loop.


Avid Hemp Legal Compliance


Avid Hemp sources all of their hemp ingredients from certified growers with positive reputations in the industry. Their partners all comply with the 2014 Farm Act, sending all of their harvests to independent testers who qualify the hemp for THC levels. Only those harvests that pass the test are allowed to push through to production. That being said, you can rest assured that all of the products offered at Avid Hemp are 100% legal and safe to use and purchase across the United States.


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